Tuesday, Sep 26, 2023

Workout Routine

Vaarun Bhagat

5 Times Vaarun Bhagat Gave Intense Monday Workout Motivation – Watch Videos

Here are a few times when the fitness freak actor Vaarun Bhagat gave all his fans some much-needed workout motivation to begin the week.

13 February 2023

Are You Working Out? Watch Your Nutrition Well

To level up your workout sessions without pain, injuries and muscle loss, you should fuel it right. Feeding the right nutrients to your body at the right time and in the right form, not just enhances your performance but...

29 September 2021

Gaurav Molri

Fitness Coach Gaurav Molri Reveals The Perfect Home Workout To Look Lean & Fit

Gaurav’s lean body program is perfect for everyone who is new to workout, or not able to see any results despite training in gym from couple of months and has a busy lifestyle. In his Program, Gaurav Molri make sure each...

01 February 2023

Here’s How To Workout And Eat Right During Ramadan

While intermittent fasting during Ramadan has a positive impact on the body, it hampers workout routines. Dr Sadia Chishty addresses this issue and shares tips on how to achieve a balance

16 April 2021

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Ate 'Nothing But Potatoes' For Two Weeks

Actor Robert Pattinson once ate "nothing but potatoes" for two weeks in a bid to "detox" and lose weight.

21 January 2023



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