Monday, Sep 25, 2023

Turkey Syria

Rescue operations underway at Tapovan Tunnel, after a glacier broke off in Joshimath

Inverse The Development Trajectory In The Himalayas

Keeping impending disasters in mind, people-centric disaster adaptation must be the way forward

28 February 2023

Syria Turkey Earthquake

Turkey Earthquakes: 5.3 Magnitude Tremors Recorded Again

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey, near the border with Syria in the early morning of February 6 followed by several aftershocks, killing over 40 thousand people.

25 February 2023

The number of earthquake deaths in the country has grown to 40,642, which takes the combined toll in Turkey and Syria to 44,330

"We Appreciate Your Valuable Help": Turkey Ambassador's Thank You Note To India After Earthquake

Turkey has ceased rescue operations in all provinces affected by the recent massive earthquake, except for the two provinces that were hit the hardest

20 February 2023

Search operations underway as a fresh quake hits Turkey and Syria

Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake Hits Turkey Again; More Buildings Collapse

AFAD, Turkiye's disaster management agency, said that close to 10,000 aftershocks have hit the region affected by the quake since February 6

27 February 2023

Earthquake strikes the region again

8 Injured, Many Trapped After 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Turkey-Syria Border Again

The Turkish president confirmed that the earthquake has left 8 people Injured, as per a BBC report. Hatay mayor, in Southern Turkey, also confirmed that people are trapped under rubble after the latest earthquake.

20 February 2023

NDRF rescue operation in Turkey

Turkey-Syria Earthquake: NRDF Team, Dog Squad Members Return To India After Rescue Operations

India sent six tonnes of relief materials, including life saving medicines and medical items, in a transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) to Syria which was also hit by the earthquake

17 February 2023

Days after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, a new quake hit Turkey again yesterday

Earthquake-Hit Turkey Arrests 184 People Over Corrupt Building Practices

A 5.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey again on 25 February 2023, was the third in a row in the Turkey-Syrian borders this month that has claimed over 40 thousand lives so far

26 February 2023


A newborn baby was recused from underneath the rubble.

Heart-wrenching Moments From Catastrophic Quakes In Turkey And Syria Flood Social Media

Rescue workers continue to pull living people from the damaged buildings but hope has started to fade amid freezing temperatures more than three full days since the quake hit on Monday.

09 February 2023


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