Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

The Soviet Union

Mikhail Gorbachev in Hollywood

Mikhail Gorbachev's Life And Legacy Viewed From The Lens Of Hollywood

Mikhail Gorbachev, Russian Nobel Peace laureate and the final leader of the Soviet Union who ended the US-Cold War, passed away after prolonged illness at the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow. He was 91.

31 August 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, listens to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Ukraine Crisis: Talks Held In Russia, US To Diffuse Standoff

Ukraine Crisis: The buildup of an estimated 100,000 Russian troops near Ukraine has fueled Western worries of a possible offensive.

With Similar Agenda In South Asia, India Has No Complaints About US Deputy Secretary’s Pakistan Visit

US Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman had said her Pakistan trip was to ‘consult deeply on how we see the changing circumstances, given the change that has taken place in Afghanistan’.

Alexander Lukashenko

Ukraine Invasion: How Belarus Has Become Russia’s Pawn

Alexander Lukashenko has surrendered the sovereignty of his own state without a single shot being fired on its territory and it was the first of the many dominoes to fall in this international fallout.

08 March 2022

China Kick Starts Its Six Month Space Mission With Shenzhou-13 Spacecraft

China's military-run space programme plans to send multiple crews to the station over the next two years to make it fully functional.

Ukraine President Stresses NATO, EU Ties On 30th Independence Day

Ukraine celebrated its independence day on Tuesday with a military parade and massive festivities in the capital Kyiv.

24 August 2021

Ukrainians hold up their country's flag (right) as they attend a patriotic protest

Chicken Kyiv Or Chicken Kiev? For Ukraine, There's A Lot In A Name

Even as tales of bravado ring from the streets of Kyiv, another battle has been raging in cyberspace — should supermarkets and restaurants change ‘Chicken Kiev’ to ‘Chicken Kyiv’?

04 March 2022


Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin Visits Pacific Islands Claimed By Japan

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin is touring Russia's Far East and Siberia this week, and the Kuril Islands were his first stop on Monday

26 July 2021