Saturday, Sep 23, 2023


UPI Merchant UDIR

NPCI & NPST Pilot POC for UPI UDIR Secure Platform For Allowing Merchant To Perform The Realtime Refund

While the volume of UPI transactions has been increasing, with a free-market model in UPI is continuing exponential growth, where pricing model and charges are determined by market forces.

05 September 2023

 NPST Calls for CXOs

NPST Calls For CXOs To Lead Business Units And Promote Growth

Network People Services Technologies Limited is in the business of providing Digital Payments solutions to banks, financial institutions, and Merchants. NPST is an authorized Merchant Payment Service Provider, approved by...

05 May 2023

NPST gets an extension of order book from existing clientele

NPST Gets Extension Of Order Book Worth Rs 27.13 Crore From Existing Clientele

Over the past year, NPST has been working on Canara’s Bank Super App “ai1” and Merchant engine, expanding the ecosystem that requires continuous maintenance, support and development. I

10 March 2023


NPST Reports Remarkable Q1 Results: Achieves Unprecedented Growth, Surging 8 Times Higher Than Last Year

The growth in financial metrics is poised to bolster confidence among investors and customers, solidifying its position as a preferred partner in the financial technology domain.

28 July 2023

NPST rewards KHUSHIYONWALA ESOP to its team

NPST Rewards KHUSHIYONWALA ESOP to Its Team As Equity Ownership

NPST is expanding its talent pool by hiring 100+ developers across Bengaluru, Noida, and Mumbai to cater to its most recent order from Canara Bank.

30 March 2023

NPST, a leading FinTech platform

NPST Paves The Way For Long-term Success With Record Breaking 3.3x Growth In Net Profit For 9M FY23

NPST, a leading FinTech platform, set a high standard by reporting 3.3x in the 9M FY23 net profit, fuelled by a growth in digital payment ecosystem.

14 February 2023

Apurva Chamaria joins NPST as a Non- Executive Director

Head Of Partnerships, Startups & Venture Capital At Google India, Apurva Chamaria Joins NPST As A Non- Executive Director

NPST (Networks People Services Technologies) is a leading fin-tech company in India, providing cutting-edge payment solutions to bridge the gap between banks and fin-tech.

14 July 2023


NPST, FinTech enabled Platform

FinTech Enabled Platform, NPST Announces A 50% Manpower Expansion In The First Half Of 2023 Amidst Worldwide IT Layoffs

A leading Fintech company NPST plans its headcount to grow in support of growing demand of its product development with rapid innovation in the digital payment space.

19 January 2023

30 August 2022
NPST Launches Super App for BFSI Industry

NPST Launches Super App for BFSI Industry

The company recently developed Super App for third largest PSU in India.


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