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Mental Health Stories

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Diary: Staying Alive

No matter what, there is a long life ahead of me, and I need to fight every day in order to live.

12 September 2023

The author at her brother in Bombay, mid 60's

Some Questions For A Brother: An Excerpt From Jerry Pinto's 'A Book Of Light'

This is an excerpt from 'A Book Of Light: When a Loved One Has a Different Mind', edited by Jerry Pinto.

10 September 2023

Artwork by Kaviya Ilango titled ‘Woke Up Like This’

Break The Silence Around Mental Health Struggles

Creating a world where women can openly discuss their mental health struggles and seek help is crucial

08 September 2023

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Dancing Through The Circle Of Suicide And Mental Health

Whenever I hear about suicide, the first thing that comes to my mind is, what was the last thought that the person thinking about? Was he/she still wanting to live at the very last moment? Was the person still looking for...

11 September 2023

Illustration on bipolar disorder

Help Us, And Let Us Help You

Often, we forget that what really matters in the end is kindness, humility and human connection

09 September 2023

Childhood memories: The writer with her mother, Sushmita Kundu and her biological father, late Basudev Kundu

The Deepest Cut: Navigating Love, Loss, And Suicide Grief

Death has no vocabulary in Indian families—so how does a daughter find a way to mourn her father’s ‘accidental death?’

07 September 2023

Screengrab from 'Saugandhi' short film by Madhukar Gavandi, based on Sadat Hasan Mahto's acclaimed short story 'Hatak'.

Choosing Life: A Short Story On Survival

Astha Savyasachi writes a short story for Outlook.

10 September 2023



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