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Good Credit Score

Best Personal Loans For Excellent Credit

Best Personal Loans For Excellent Credit (April 2023) Compare, Choose, And Save

Personal loans for excellent credit can help you get the funds you need with the best terms available. Personal loans for excellent credit feature favorable terms like low-interest rates, high amounts, and extended repayment...

15 April 2023

Alternate Credit Scoring Can Further Financial Inclusion In India. Read Here For Details

To empower the ‘credit invisible’ customers and bring them into the formal financial fold, the way financial institutions assess creditworthiness needs to undergo a sea change. Alternative credit scoring that uses...

21 May 2022

How A Good Credit Score Means Good Financial Health

The credit score—a three-digit number—is directly connected with one’s financial health, long-term financial goals, access to loans and even insurance premium.

07 April 2022

Back To Basics: All You Need To Know About Overdraft Facility

Are you in need of emergency fund? Perhaps you can take an overdraft from your bank rather than a loan. Here’s all you need to know about overdraft facility and how they are different from loans

21 November 2022

Credit Awareness On Rise In India, Average Age Of First Time Borrower Is 27 Years, Says Report

A recent report by has revealed that more millennials are now emerging as credit aware and are open to borrowing with the right advice on products

14 May 2022

Top Five Reasons That Could Affect Your Overall Credit Score

A good credit score is the first thing that lending institutions check before extending a loan. Here’s what you can do to maintain a good credit score and not get rejected for a loan

06 April 2022


SlayPay Waitlist Hits 50,000 Users In 2 Months

SlayPay is set to launch in August 2022 and is India's first credit score booster app. The financial Wellness App helps users boost their credit score while earning them 9% return on their investment.

02 August 2022


How First-Time Borrowers With No Credit Score Can Get A Loan

The use of technology allows collecting alternate data such as cash flows, financial etiquette, utility bill payment history, investments, spending behaviour, etc., of first-time borrowers to build a credit profile that can...

15 December 2021

27 November 2021
Tips To Reduce The Chances Of Rejection Of Your Loan Application

Tips To Reduce The Chances Of Rejection Of Your Loan Application

Lenders prefer to sanction loans to customers who have minimal chances of loan default. One can follow a few ways to increase the chance of getting loan...

15 November 2021
Five Steps To Improve Your Credit Score

Five Steps To Improve Your Credit Score

Factors such as repayment history, outstanding balance, age of the credit portfolio and credit inquiry determine your credit score.


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