Ten Children, Including Nine Newborns, Lose Lives In 24 Hours At West Bengal's Murshidabad Medical College

Ten children, including nine newborns, met a tragic end within 24 hours at West Bengal's Murshidabad Medical College, triggering panic and protests, prompting a state-led investigation into the alarming surge in child mortality.

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Tragedy struck Murshidabad Medical College in West Bengal as nine newborns and a two-year-old child succumbed within 24 hours, sparking panic and protests in the vicinity. The state government has initiated a probe to unravel the cause behind this alarming spike in deaths, according to media reports. 

Hospital authorities reported that three infants were delivered at Murshidabad Medical College, while others were referred from subdivisions in critical conditions. Concurrently, doctors disclosed that the toddler was undergoing treatment at the hospital for neurological issues.

Amidst the distress, parents of other hospitalized children express deep concerns about their offspring's safety.

Insiders from the Medical College Hospital revealed ongoing renovation work at the Jangipur sub-district hospital's children's department for the past six weeks. This has led to the redirection of all children from the Jangipur sub-division to Baharampur. Furthermore, hospital authorities flagged the referral of newborns from Domkal, Lalbagh sub-divisional hospital to Baharampur, even in worsening physical conditions, prompting the submission of a report to the West Bengal health department.

Sources at Murshidabad Hospital disclosed that a total of 380 newborns were sent to the hospital in the last 30 days.

The hospital superintendent commented, "Of the 10 deceased babies, seven arrived from remote areas in critical condition, resulting in a lost golden period for treatment. The remaining three were born at the hospital, with one being stillborn and two categorized as low birth weight babies."

Doctors emphasized that the majority of the infants had malnourished mothers and extremely low birth weights, significantly reducing their chances of survival. They clarified that there were no reports of a specific infection outbreak or sudden medical issues in the region.

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