Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

AAP, NPP protest against power crisis in Jammu

On Sunday, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) staged a protest here to demand an adequate supply of power and drinking water in Jammu. At the same time, the National Panthers Party (NPP) alleged no concrete measures were being taken to address the "chaotic situation."

Power Cut Tribhuvan Tiwari

A group of AAP workers led by Sandeep Singh Chib held a protest outside the Power Development Department (PDD) headquarters at Bhagwati Nagar here. "People of Jammu and Kashmir are simmering against the long and unscheduled power outages which have thrown normal life out of gear. The local administration can cater to only around 50 percent of the power demand, a part of which goes into powering the 24X7 transmission lines for hospitals, key irrigation stations, and official buildings, leaving most commoners high and dry," Chib said.

He claimed the situation is terrible in rural areas, which receive four to six hours of supply daily in intervals that last from a few minutes to a maximum of a couple of hours. Senior NPP leader and former minister Harsh Dev Singh also lashed out at the administration, saying it failed to provide consumers with adequate power and drinking water. He reiterated his demand for early restoration of democracy and holding assembly polls in Jammu and Kashmir.

"While the unprecedented power cuts and drinking water scarcity have made people's lives a living hell, the government imposed by the Centre was acting as a mute spectator. No concrete measures were being taken to address the chaotic situation, which has created massive resentment all over the union territory," Singh said in a statement. "A remote-controlled system of governance could not be the solution for the woes and sufferings of the people of J&K. It's the local leaders, local ministers, and elected MLAs who could better address the concerns of their people and bail them out from their sufferings and pains," the NPP leader said.

On Saturday, the Jammu Power Distribution Corporation Ltd announced six hours of power cuts daily in Jammu city, sparking protests by the people who demanded improved supply because of soaring temperatures.