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“She took everything;" parents of twins boys who Lucy Letby tried to murder

The parents of twin boys who fell victim to the actions of the nurse Lucy Letby in the United Kingdom have voiced their frustration with hospital authorities for not acting promptly. Here’s what they said.

Image of twins in hospital

The parents of twin boys who were targeted by the British nurse Lucy Letby have expressed their disappointment in hospital administrators for not taking action sooner. They believe that earlier intervention could have prevented further harm to babies.

Letby attacked the twin boys at the Countess of Chester Hospital, initially working that day due to understaffing in the neonatal unit. Baby L was subjected to insulin poisoning, and Baby M almost lost his life after air was injected into his bloodstream. Fortunately, both children survived, although Baby M sustained some brain damage, leading to ongoing concerns for his future well-being.

"She took everything," mother of the twins said. "Our joy... happiness."

Letby has been found guilty of murdering seven infants and attempting to murder six others after a year-long trial. The victims have been granted lifelong anonymity.

The parents, whose identities are protected, demanded a life sentence for Letby and expressed their anger toward her for robbing them of their joy and happiness. They also criticized the hospital's handling of the situation, believing that hospital management should have acted on suspicions earlier. They pointed out that doctors had raised concerns as far back as 2015.

The parents emphasized that hospital authorities could have prevented additional attacks and deaths had they acted on these initial suspicions. 

The parents recalled the horrifying scene in the neonatal unit, with doctors desperately trying to save Baby M's life. They were bewildered and scared, being first-time parents and not understanding what was happening. 

The twins' mother expressed her shock and anguish when the police later informed them about Baby L's poisoning, two years after the incident. She described Letby's demeanor during the trial as calculated and criminal-minded.

The ordeal has taken a toll on the twins' father, causing sleepless nights, depression, and flashbacks. He expressed frustration that such a situation could continue for so long and called for answers from the hospital. The couple also questioned why the hospital waited until 2016 to take action when concerns had been raised earlier.

"She means nothing. Just an evil person. There's no way she should have been able to get away with it for so long." the twins' father said.