US Congress Supports Crypto Markets - Invest In These Altcoins Before Market Explosion

A historic decision in US government policy looks set to hugely benefit the crypto market. You should be investing in these coins before the market inevitably explodes.

US Congress Supports Crypto Markets - Invest In These Altcoins Before Market Explosion

The crypto industry received a massive boost on Wednesday with a historic U.S. policy win when the House of Representatives approved a bill that would begin to establish regulations for digital assets markets. The voting results were 279-136 in favor of the bill in a move that saw bipartisan support that was once feared unlikely.

A small bit of cold water to pour over this fire is that it now must go to the senate where we are much more unclear on how it will do. However, this is a great step and should be a cause for celebration. It will likely cause a bull run in the market as previous positive regulation news has.

We thought this meant it was the perfect time to compile a list of the best altcoins to invest in before a potential market explosion. We focused on the presale market as these coins are always best placed for massive gains due to their low market caps. Here are the best projects we found:

  • Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)

  • Sealana ($SEAL)

  • WienerAI ($WAI)

  • 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC)

  • Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2)

  • Gas Wizard (GWIZ)

Let’s take a look at each project and outline why we think each has the chance to be a big player during the market explosion.

Dogeverse- We are nearing the end of this exciting presale

It has been a long time since a coin has captured the entire imagination of the market like Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE). It feels like you cannot go anywhere within crypto circles online without seeing the Dogecoin (DOGE) alternative mentioned. The presale has raised well over $15 million and there are only six days left before it ends so interested parties should be buying DOGEVERSE as quickly as they can.

So, why would they buy it? Well, perhaps the strongest selling point is how many investors seem to be ditching DOGE for this new alternative. Dogecoin has been deteriorating as a viable leader of the meme coin market for some time now and Dogeverse may be the final nail in the coffin. While the original meme coin has stood still the market has changed and Dogeverse is more attractive to investors today.

Cosmo is the space dog at the center of the ecosystem and his unique ability is he can jump from chain to chain which makes this token a multi-chain one. It is actually the first token that will be operational on six networks. Layer 1s like Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana, and BNB Smart Chain feature alongside Layer 2s such as Polygon and Base. A versatile coin that understands the changing landscape of today's market.

Sealana- The Seal that could be the next jewel in Solana’s crown

The running theme of this piece is not just presale tokens but presales that are currently performing very well. The Solana network in 2024 has enjoyed a revival many thought impossible and they mostly have meme coins to thank for that. The well doesn’t look like it will be drying up anytime soon as Sealana ($SEAL) has just passed $3 million raised and is picking up speed every day.

One of the great things about the meme coin market exploding both fiscally and in popularity, has been the different kinds of coin projects now on the market. Sealana is an example of a new kind of original coin. The meme behind Sealana is actually a subtle jab at the negative stereotype that sometimes gets associated with crypto investors. We know they love a good joke and this will only drive its popularity.

The origins are from an episode of South Park called ‘Make Love Not Warcraft’. In said episode, the boys grow frustrated when their characters are easily and routinely defeated by another player. They go to the creators of the game and they state that someone with a character this powerful must have no life. Sealana is this character but in seal form and he trades crypto instead. A hilarious layered joke that we love.

WienerAI- A meme coin that reshapes what we think about memes

Speaking of original meme coin projects, next up is WienerAI ($WAI), a token that could change how we look at the memes behind meme coins. Just like Sealana, the WienerAI presale has really started to gather momentum and it too has just passed the $3 million raised mark. Like many projects, the creators have seen the upside of utilizing AI to attract investors.

What is interesting though is they have not just gone down the road of using AI to add utility. The project will come with built-in AI trading capabilities which of course adds utility but they have also used the technology to add lore to the story behind the coin. For this, we are transported to the future.

In the year 2132 to be precise, we find ourselves located in a place called New Silicon Valley. Here we meet a mad scientist who is known as the architect. He is trying to combine the two most important entities of his time, AI and pups. However, at the time of the experiment, he accidentally drops a sausage into the mix and the result is WienerAI. We love the detail behind the story and think investors will too.

99 Bitcoins Token- The perfect coin to help educate investors while making money

99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC) is the ultimate win-win for investors which made it a no brainer when it came to including it on our list. It is still relatively new having only been launched a few weeks ago, but it has just surpassed $1.6 million raised. Like the above coins we have mentioned it also seems to be picking up speed as word spreads about the project.

Many readers may already be familiar with the name 99Bitcoins Token and we are sure they are all the better for it. What once started as a way to educate people on how to buy Bitcoin on PayPal, pivoted to become the biggest learning tool that those interested in crypto have at their disposal. They have sold over 2 million courses and have 750k followers on their YouTube channel.


For their first exert into the Web 3.0 world they have stuck to what they know best and have opted for a learn-to-earn model. Investors will be able to earn $99BTC by interacting with the community and of course by completing tests and tasks set out by the curriculum. The coins they earn can be staked, used to unlock premium content, buy partner content, and of course sell on the open market.


Sponge V2- The second version of one of 2023s best meme coins is coming soon

We are very excited about the upcoming launch of Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2). The people behind the token that originally brought us Sponge Token ($SPONGE). We love to look for a project with innovation and this one certainly has that as they have found a way to make sure that both coins can be successful together in their ecosystem.


It's called stake-to-bridge and this is how it works; Investors who wish to be part of the new Sponge V2 must first purchase and stake Sponge Token. When they do so the same amount of $SPONGEV2 is also purchased and stored for them. Once the total allocation of $SPONGE is sold out then version two will launch. Investors can then claim their tokens and the 162% staking rewards that they get for buying now.

The new token will have an exciting racing game that will add utility but perhaps its biggest selling factor is the original success that Sponge Token had. Despite some of the worst conditions in 2023 for meme coins, the coin still managed to pump by hundreds of percent and gained a very large online following that they will hope can aid the success of Sponge V2.


Gas Wizard- The perfect token to have to combat rising fuel prices

It is no secret that most of the whole world is currently suffering from inflation right now. One of the worst affected industries at times like this is fuel, in particular gas prices. However, since energy in general is quite expensive even EV prices are skyrocketing. Gas Wizard (GWIZ) is the perfect coin to get involved with to help ease these heavy blows on the pocket.

The presale has just launched but we expect big things in the future. They have partnered with leading oil and gas distributors to help customers get discounts when they use their businesses. They are even developing an app that will streamline this process. By purchasing GWIZ investors will get access to real-time gas price updates, rewards, and location services for whatever fuel service you may need.



That concludes our list of what are the best altcoins to invest in before the potential future market explosion. As we said in the opening, the house's decision is a landmark one, and this kind of good news has historically sparked a bull run. These presale tokens should all launch during that period and that should create the perfect storm for maximum gains.