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Poems: The Scream And Lemongrass Tea

Melting grassroots/in an extrovert honey/her passionate the cappadocia balloons- primrose, pastel pink.

Lingering salt in claustrophobic sea...

The Scream

Lingering salt in claustrophobic sea
scream breaks through the paint brushes
of piano swallowing an oval cake

fingerprints imitating a pariah ship
bruises, scratches, cuts-
wearing a red skirt in a museum

hanging at the watertight compartment
the scream in a frame.

Lemongrass Tea

Melting grassroots
in an extrovert honey
her passionate lips

like the cappadocia balloons-
primrose, pastel pink.

Peeling off the overcoat
of lemongrass
cut up into dices

sieving it by a cinnamon
and furbishing with mint
toasting the tea and

pray and sink.

(Monobina Nath is a poetess, who writes about maidenhood, women's rights, psychology, mythology and history. She has a keen interest in different cultures and their cuisines. She recently launched her YouTube channel (Monobina Nath) and has a strong passion for both photography and painting. Her instragram id - @monobinanath)