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Valentine's Day Special: 5 LGBTQ Love Stories That Are A Must Watch

Regular boy meets girl kind of love stories everyone recommends you to watch on Valentine’s Day. But here are a few love stories that are different as they’re based around the LGBTQ community. If you dare to watch them, they’re definitely fabulous watches.

A Still From 'Romil And Jugal'

With Valentine’s Day here, couples are making plans to celebrate the big day in their special ways. We go jelly knees when a man serenades a woman or when a woman goes that extra mile for her man. But that is not the only kind of love that exists in our society. We often hear that "love is love," but how often do we actually acknowledge it?

This Valentine’s Day we celebrate love through this wide range of stories on the screen which have dared to celebrate different kinds of love forms. So, let's have a look at a few films and web series that transcend gender when it comes to love. They show how love flourishes where there are no boundaries to hold it back.

Maja Ma

A rumour about a housewife famous for her dancing and cooking threatens to disrupt her middle-class family's life on the eve of her son Teja's engagement. Pallavi played by Madhuri Dixit is rumoured to be in a relationship with Kanchan (Simone Singh). The movie shows how women would be free together if only society accepted their love.

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A love story of two women, Gul and Sakshi, played by Ankita Sahu and Riya Deepsi, who want to become mothers, battling with society and fighting for their love. The series shows their emotional journey packed with unexpected twists. Watch how the series has explored a lesbian relationship and their journey to motherhood which is only reserved for heterosexual relationships. A story which is rarely explored on Indian screens.

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‘Forbidden Love - Arranged Marriage’

The complex feeling of love is rarely accurately depicted in Indian culture. That is precisely what the Zee5 original anthology ‘Forbidden Love’, which is split into four full-length movies, brings to the table. In India, it's very common for closeted queers to get married out of parental pressure and fear of society and their safety. 'Arranged Marriage' showcases one such tale. Tired of his parents' restrictions, Neel marries his partner Dev's sister Keya. What happens when the truth behind Neel's dual life comes out?

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‘I Love Us 3’

Two girls, Mahima Gupta and Bushra Sheikh, who meet at a wedding, become fond of each other as time passes. In chasing affection, they discover themselves and fight for their life to live it on their own terms. They face every challenge that life throws at them. In a tale of betrayal and passion, it's worth watching what their life has in store for them.

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‘Romil And Jugal’

Two modern men who hail from very orthodox families fall in love with each other. Jugal (Manjraj Singh), a Tamil-Brahmin boy, is a little bit shy but falls in love with Romil (Rajiv Siddhartha), a Punjabi hunk and playboy. After spending time and navigating life together, they successfully manage to gain the acceptance of their conservative parents. The show’s end promises hope which every member of this community needs to latch onto in the face of a judgemental world.

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