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Praachi Bohra: I Idolise Kangana Ranaut, I Wanted To Do A Haryanvi Character Like Her

Praachi Bohra, who plays Binny in the popular show 'Maddam Sir', said that she was inspired by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut's Haryanavi character in 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns'.


Kangana & Prachi

Praachi Bohra, who plays Binny in the popular show 'Maddam Sir', said that she was inspired by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut's Haryanavi character in 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns'. 

Bohra also recalled her initial years of struggle in the entertainment industry and how finally being part of the sitcom has been a turning point in her career.

She told IANS: "I idolise Kangana Ranaut, so I always wanted to play a Hariyanvi character, and this really fits my interest as well. This is my dream character; Binny is a tomboyish girl who uses rough language, just like Kangana's character."

Recalling her initial years of struggle in the industry, she shared: "My initial days were when I did not know about this industry, and most of the time, I was stuck with auditioning, fake meetings, and so on.

"I spent a year, maybe year and half, wandering from one place to another. Then, I realised there has yet to be progress made, so I started pursuing better studios and tried to find out where I could have an opportunity. Started off doing cameos, and minor roles, then a few leads and eventually landed 'Maddam Sir'."

Praachi added: "When I came to know about the role, I went for the audition. Then the very next day of my audition, I was approached by the producers, and they informed me that they wanted to do mock shoots with me. I was very excited when I went to the set of 'Maddam Sir'."

She shared further how she became part of the show because of her appearance and physique.

"I was shocked to see that there were 5-6 girls who were strong and suitable for the bouncer role, and I had a bit of a bouncer-like physique. For me, I just had the strength and the correct attitude! I guess that's why I got this role."

The actress delved deeper into her role and said: "Binny's character is challenging in itself and I really wanted to do such a strong character for a long time, whether in films or serials.

"She is a very strong and upright character with clear voicing of her opinions in front of people. She never tries to fake anything or hides anything. She has anger within her, but she is also a soft-hearted girl who fights for others fearlessly.

"So, this was very challenging for me to act out the different flows and shades of emotions that Binny shows. Even now, I always try to improve my acting, tempering Binny's attitude."

Talking about comedy shows and their popularity among the audience, she said: "Actually, great sitcoms are rare on TV now, and only a handful of channels have shows which infuse wit in their shows. But I am delighted since the design is changing because the audience is also bored with the constant saas-bahu drama."

She spoke about her future projects and what she is willing to do next. "As of now, I love my character of Binny from 'Maddam Sir', and I have two or three things lined up for my future projects, but I will not talk about them right now since I just want to focus on my character Binny," she concluded.