Saturday, Oct 08, 2022

Watch: In Yogi's UP, BJP Mahila Morcha President Assaults Girl For Having An Affair With Muslim, Man Booked

'Samajh ni aata kaun muslim hai, kaun hindu hai?' (Don't you understand who is Muslim and who is Hindu?), the BJP leader is seen asking the girl.

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The BJP Women’s wing President slapped a girl multiple times for daring to sit with a Muslim boy at a snack shop in Aligarh.

The video of the woman proudly assaulting the girl cowered in terror has gone viral. Sangeeta Varshney, thepresident of the BJP Mahila Morcha, repeatedly slapped the girl after she was 'seen in public' sitting with a man from a different faith and for having an affair with him. 


Going one step ahead, Varshney even called the girl's father on the spot and asked him to slap her some more, reported the Times Of India.

The couple was first roughed up by members of Hindu Yuva Vahini, a right wing youth organisation founded by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who dragged the two adults to the police station, the report further said.

When the girl admitted to having a relationship with the man, saying in her defense that she was an adult, the infuriated BJP leader assaulted her and threatened her.

"Samajh ni aata kaun muslim hai, kaun hindu hai (Don't you understand who is Muslim and who is Hindu)?," the BJP leader is seen asking the girl.

The girl is now with the family, however a case has been registered against the 'boyfriend', confirmed the police.

"The girl's father did not want to take action against anyone, and took his daughter away. However, a case has been registered under section 294 (indulging in obscene act at a public place) of the IPC against Faizan, who was detained by police on Tuesday," a police official was quoted as saying to the paper.

Inter-religious relationship bristles Adityanath's Uttar Pradesh that is extremely polarized on religious and caste lines. In the cow belt of India, consenting adults are derided and slurred by self-appointed protectors of Hindu religions by using the bogey of love jihad – a term that gained currency a decade ago.

Rabble-rouser Yogi Adityanath who became the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, made popular the phrase 'Love Jihad' or a relationship between a woman from the Hindu faith with a Muslim man, alleging that Muslim men lure Hindu girls and later force them to convert.

This incident comes four months after members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini, founded by Yogi, barged into a room in Meerut, dragged a couple out, and accused them of love-jihad.

While the woman was released after warning, the man, who is a resident of Muzaffarnagar, was booked on charges of obscenity.

Narendra Singh Tomar, the head of the Hindu Yuva Vahini in western Uttar Pradesh reportedly had said "I have asked the police to take strict action as the Muslim boy was romancing with a Hindu girl in the house. He wanted to convert her religon. "

The couple was also taken to the police station for engaging in 'immoral activities'.

Just yesterday, BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj said couples displaying affection in public should be put behind bars.

"Be it a motorcycle, car or park, couples can be seen behaving in a vulgar fashion. They hug each other as if the girl will eat the boy or the boy will eat the girl," the Lok Sabha member from Unnao in Uttar Pradesh said.