The Many Different Ways India Celebrates New Year

Many regional New Year festivals are celebrated across India with age-old traditions. Most share common elements such as welcoming spring, marking the harvest season, and festive foods. Here's a look at some

Young women in traditional Mekhela Chador perform Bihu dance in Guwahati, Assam Photo: Talukdar David/Shutterstock

India is home to a diverse array of regional new year festivals, each with unique customs and traditions. From Navreh in the picturesque Kashmir valley to Puthandu in vibrant Tamil Nadu, the festivals are celebrated around this time of the year. They share several common elements, such as welcoming the spring season, marking the harvest season, wearing new clothes, and enjoying delicious food with loved ones. However, each festival has its unique features, including distinct cultural practices. Let's delve deeper into the rich tapestry of India's new year festivals.