Stok Palace: Of Ladakh's Lores And Legacies

A stay at the 200-year-old Stok Palace is akin to living within a museum, where Ladakh's rich heritage echoes in every corner

The Stok Palace looks over the valley of Singey Sangpo Photo: Stok Palace

If Ladakh is on your wishlist this summer, take the experience a notch above by going a little ahead of Leh and booking a stay at the 200-year-old Stok Palace. The Palace, belonging to the Namgyal Dynasty, was built by Ladakhi craftsmen all the way back in 1820. Situated atop a hill and overlooking the serene Singey Sangpo valley, the Palace still exudes a silent power that once echoed throughout the region and even Nepal.

While the Palace continues to be home to the current royal members of the 400-year-old dynasty, a part of the heritage building was carefully restored and opened up to visitors in 2007 by HRH, HRH Gyalpo Jigmed Wangchuk Namgyal, inviting them to explore a side of Ladakh that usually goes undiscovered.