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Sanglaphu Lake In Mangan District Of Sikkim Opens To Visitors For The First Time

Nestled high in the mountains, the spectacular lake was once out of reach for travellers

The lake radiates a profound sense of peace and tranquility Photo: @tripssasti /Shutterstock

The Himalayan state of Sikkim is home to many natural lakes in the North-West, North-East, and extreme North parts of the state. These lakes are the sources of the tributary streams to Sikkim's largest rivers, Teesta and Rangit. Several lakes have become a popular attraction for travellers. For instance, Gurudongmar, one of the world's highest lakes, and Khecheopalri, one of the biggest lakes in Sikkim. However, some lakes are waiting to be discovered and have not been on people's travel radar for various reasons, such as lack of access. Last week, Sanglaphu Lake in the Mangan district was made accessible to the public for the first time.