India's Rich World Heritage At These Sites Should Enthral You

Ancient rock art in cave clusters to unique parks, forts, and even a nursery - these places showcase the amazing diversity and heritage of India. And they have all received recognition from UNESCO for the same.

Ruins with intricate carvings at the historical Nagina Masjid in the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park in Gujarat Photo: Shutterstock

A great way to explore a place is through the lens of culture and heritage and local distinctiveness. Cultural heritage stimulates a respect and understanding of other cultures and, as a consequence, promotes peace and understanding. India is one of the most diverse places in terms of cultural heritage with different heritage routes offering unique experiences based on UNESCO recognised heritage. And, as UNWTO says, culture and cultural heritage can help to achieve inclusive and sustainable development. Cities and regions can be regenerated through cultural heritage. Responsible travel ethics can also promote adaptive re-use of heritage buildings. Heritage-based tourism can also spur investment in culture and the creative industries that are community - centered. Here's a look at some places in India that showcase the diversity of its cultural assets.