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Dastangoi Artist Syed Sahil Agha On Mastering A Fading Art

A trailblazer in his field, dastangoi artist, Syed Sahil Agha, delves into his early inspirations, distinctive style, contemporary cultural milieu and much more in a candid conversation

Syed Sahil Agha performing at Udaipur Tales 2024 Photo: Q

There exists a profound adage that underscores the significance of allowing one's work to resonate on its own merits: "Let your work do the talking," as the saying goes. Syed Sahil Agha exemplifies this notion with unparalleled finesse, to the extent that his name has become synonymous, particularly within certain circles, with the art form he passionately engages in: Dastangoi. This mediaeval Urdu oral storytelling tradition, once dormant, has experienced a remarkable resurgence, and Agha's dedication and skill have played a pivotal role in its revival.