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Chef Zac On Creating A Food Revolution Through 'The Locavore'

'The Locavore' aims to make people aware of dying indigenous flavours and the imbalance in food systems through storytelling and food tours

Thomas Zacharias, founder of 'The Locavore' Photo: thelocavore.in/website

Besides the tourist attractions, what leaves a lasting impression about a journey is the food. The local cuisine is an integral part of the itinerary as tourists ensure they don't miss out on any outlet that acquaints them with regional flavours. My travels made me experience a multitude of tastes, familiarising me with the synergy between travel and food. For example, when I visited Maharashtra's Nashik last year, I bought a packet of locally produced biscuits made with indigenous grains from a food festival promoting tribal heritage. It made me witness a prevailing sense of urgency to save traditional offerings and curb the mushrooming impact of changing food habits, such as the dominance of quick bites and fast food.