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Check These Excellent Homestays For Your Next Himalayan Sojourn

Head over to these homestays in Himachal Pradesh to feel the warmth of home and the luxury of care

The allure of the Himalayas during the rainy season and winters is simply irresistible Photo: Deposit photos

The Himalayas, ranked as the world's third-largest repository of ice and snow, stand in unparalleled glory, rivalled only by Antarctica and the Arctic. It's true that any time is a good time to venture into the mountains, the splendour of the Himalayas truly shines during the rainy season and the winters and summers offer distinct experiences. Although some may argue that monsoons and winter months pose challenges for travel, true mountain enthusiasts and adventure seekers would eagerly secure a booking at any of these gorgeous homestays without hesitation. Here's a list of homestays where you can enjoy the best of mountain life.