Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022

Hyderabad’s T-Hub Is World’s Largest Innovation Campus For Startups

It is in the second phase of building the T-Hub in Hyderabad

T-Hub, India’s leading start-up catalyst
T-Hub, India’s leading start-up catalyst Twitter (@KTRTRS)

India is on its path to making ground-breaking discoveries and innovations. On one such occasion, technology start-up incubator T-Hub, T-Works for prototyping centre and the IMAGE Tower focus on multimedia, animation, gaming and entertainment. T-Hub, India’s leading start-up catalyst, inaugurates the world’s largest innovation campus in Hyderabad. It is in the second phase of building the T-Hub in Hyderabad. It aims to put India’s innovation ecosystem worldwide.

Located at the heart of Hyderabad’s IT HUB, the 2.3 million sq ft built-up space will be developed in the 18-acre campus. It will at least take 18-24 months to finish, said Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao in an interaction. One of the components of the campus is the T-Hub facility. It is built over 5.8 lakh sq ft and will be inaugurated in August. It is India’s largest prototyping facility, according to him.

Along with this, the IMAGE Tower is seen as the largest with a 1.6 million sq ft built-up area. According to reports, Chandrasekhar Rao said,” Once that is up and running, you will have a lot more activity.” This will help in generating employment opportunities along with other growth factors like multimedia, animation and gaming. This will also help in creating wealth opportunities for the state as well as for the country.

As per a report, Telangana Chief Minister said,” T-Hub has evolved from a startup incubator to an innovation hub in India and beyond in the past six years. It has emerged as a strong organization that is focused on outcome-driven initiatives. And it is well-positioned to back the global aspirations and ambitions of our entrepreneurs.”

It is built in such a way that it can house more than 3,000 start-ups from the campus. The major aim is to bring international companies and focus on building partnerships with international countries like Bangladesh and Uzbekistan. The five-year plan will create an impact on at least 20,000 startups through various programmes. T-Hub supports more than 1,800 startups and 600 corporates like Facebook, Boeing, Uber, etc.