Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022

Migrant Crisis

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Male Fire: 10 Instances Of Indian Migrant Labourers Killed Abroad

The inhumane conditions and number of fatalities of the Indian migrants has been criticised several times by human rights activists and like-minded bodies over the last decade. Despite the backlash, not enough measures have...

10 November 2022

Migrant workers and their families walking home after the lockdown on March 24, 2020

Book Excerpt: India’s Unlearnt Lessons From The Great Shutdown 

The second wave of 2021 showed that India had wasted its lockdown period and the hardships that came with it, because it was no better prepared, or prepared to any degree, for the pandemic.

Joe Biden invokes Title 42 policy to expel Venezuelan refugees

US President Joe Biden Brings Back Trump-era Title 42 Policy To Expel Venezuelan Migrants

The rule, first invoked by Trump in 2020, uses emergency public health authority to allow the United States to keep migrants from seeking asylum at the border, based on the need to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

17 October 2022

Migrant worker crisis

Migrant Workers’ Exodus During Lockdown: A Tragedy Of Mass Scale 

Till the 2020 lockdown, the mainstream economic narrative termed India as the fastest-growing economy of the world. The reverse migration of labourers exposes the deepest fault lines of that narrative.

Lockdown's impact on in migrant workers

Revisiting Lockdown: How Migrant Crisis Left Thousands Of Sahariya Tribals In The Lurch

Lockdown gave way to various challenges for Sahariyas. Like food, sanitation, and even child marriage. Cases of silicosis and Tuberculosis are rampant among Sahariyas.

01 May 2022