Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023


Cheap Insolvency Practitioners: Find Cost-Effective Solutions For Company Liquidation UK

Finding a cheap insolvency practitioner to guide you through the process can make a world of difference.

18 September 2023

Union Home Minister Amit Shah

71 Multi-State Cooperative Societies Under Liquidation Till Dec 15: Shah

As of Wednesday, Parliament was informed that 71 cooperative societies located in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Odisha are under liquidation this year.

21 December 2022

Franklin Templeton Investments

Supreme Court Stop Payments In Franklin MF Case Until Distributor Commission Issue Is Resolved

The next tranche of payments to the six debt mutual fund scheme investors of Franklin Templeton is paused until the issue of accrued distributor commission issue is resolved.

15 April 2022


SEBI Comes Out With Standard Methodology For Valuation Of AIFs; Modalities For Liquidation Schemes

Existing AIFs with a corpus of more than Rs 500 crore and any new AIFs are required to dematerialise their units by October 31, 2023, and after this, issuance of units will be done in demat form

22 June 2023

Celsius Filed For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Not Chapter 7. Are Restructuring Plans Afoot?

Celsius has about $162.547 million cash in its balance sheet, along with other crypto assets. But it still filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 and not Chapter 7. What was the reason for doing so?

14 July 2022


If You Had Invested $100 In Solana (SOL) and Terra (LUNA), Could Acrana (ACR) Be Next?

Many cryptocurrencies have been emerging in the past decade, and all are competing to be the best investment out there. The truth is, some fail and some soar – but how can you be sure which are the correct ones to invest...

30 March 2022

Latest Crypto News: Cryptocurrency Trade Now Under PMLA Act, Silvergate To Liquidate Assets 

Here are some recent developments in the crypto world. 

09 March 2023


 Shaktiio provides an anti-liquidation system.

Shaktiio: The Anti-Liquidation Protocol For Crypto-Backed Loans, ICO Live

The primary objective of Shaktiio is to secure the long-term development and expansion of the Shaktiio ecosystem.

28 February 2022