Saturday, Sep 30, 2023

Human Wildlife Conflict

New Wildlife Protection (Amendment) Bill 2022 a death knell for elephants?

Elephant Dies Of Electrocution In Jharkhand

An adult elephant was found dead in a farmland in Jharkhand's Ranchi district on Monday morning, with the forest officials concluding that the animal died of electrocution after it came into contact with an electric wire...

11 April 2023

Tigress with cub at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tiger-Human Conflict In Maharashtra: The Controversial Killings Of Avni And Other Man-eaters

The tiger population in Maharashtra is on the rise. These carnivores are moving out of the reserved forests and roaming in areas close to human settlements. As instances of tiger-human conflicts are on the rise, wildlife...

27 March 2023

Maha's Pench tiger reserve to curb man-animal conflict

Primary Response Teams Being Formed In Maha's Pench Tiger Reserve To Curb Man-Animal Conflict

Deputy director of the PTR, Prabhu Nath Shukla, said in a statement that Primary Response Teams were being constituted in villages in the buffer zone of all seven ranges of the reserve.

28 April 2022

Tigress Kills Maharashra Woman Forest Guard

UP: Tigress That Killed Boy Last Year Captured After It Comes Close To Village.

A tigress responsible for killing a boy last year was captured and tranquilized by officials near the Dudhwa Forest Buffer Zone in India. The tigress had been captured and radio-collared after the incident and was being...

06 April 2023

Representative image

Why Wildlife Experts Are Pressing For Eco-Tourism In Tiger Reserves Despite Others Calling It 'Intrusion'

Despite IFS officer Surender Mehra's tweet of a video captioned, "'Tiger sighting' is nothing but intrusion in their Life", Wildlife activists, scientists and officials feel wildlife tourism must not be banned, but carried...

28 November 2022

Rare black panther spotted in MPs Tiger Reserve

Black Panther Rescued From Goa Village Kept Under Observation At Zoo

A black panther was rescued from a village in Goa after it ventured into a human settlement, and has been temporarily shifted to a state-run zoo for observation. The forest department is investigating the reason behind the...

02 April 2023



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