Monday, Sep 26, 2022

Fashion Influencer

Preeti Pahuja Chawla

Preeti Pahuja Chawla’s Journey From a Fashionista to Fashion Influencer and Facilitator

Preeti was always a fashionista and impressed everyone with her fine taste and impeccable fashion sense. Her friends and relatives often suggested career options related to fashion.

15 September 2022

Fashion Lifestyle Icon Brando Chiesa

Fashion Lifestyle Icon Brando Chiesa’s Recent Collaboration With Trippie Redd And Dropdead Clothing Brings Him To The Industry’s Forefront

Yet again, the fashion couturier and entrepreneur gains more popularity with his brand Brando Chiesa and his latest collaborations.

Ritu Pamnani, Fashion Influencer

Fashion Influencer Ritu Pamnani Is Breaking Trends With Her Outstanding Style

Ritu Pamnani started her journey as a content creator years ago and fashion was always a major part of her content. She is not just any fashion influencer, but also a trendsetter who flawlessly carries more than one outfit.

Sana Grover

Fashion Influencer Sana Grover Inspires Students Moving Abroad With Her Top-Notch Content On The Internet

Hailing from New Delhi, India, the influencer is currently based in London. With her passion for creating content about fashion, travel and lifestyle, she has garnered tremendous fanfare on social media. Interestingly,...

12 August 2022

Fashion Influencer Deepa Sree

Fashion Influencer Deepa Sree Quit Her Job To Follow Her Passion

Soon after completing her degree, when Deepa was working in Deloitte, India, she was simultaneously pursuing various modelling projects and a course in Accessory Designing & Diploma in Fashion Designing from Hamstech.

Ayesha Kaur

Influencer Ayesha Kaur's Trendy And Relatable Content Is Causing A Stir On Social Media

Ayesha Kaur's endearing smile and charming persona have made her the heartbeat of a million people. Her one post makes people go ga-ga! Her videos and photos are super likeable, and even though she is an influencer, her...

09 August 2022