Thursday, Oct 06, 2022

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Gaps In Micro Data Storage Options In Sports Technology - Can Cloud Power Come To Rescue?

While the Sports Tech Industry faces a lot of challenges in positioning in the market space at present, there have been many primary issues that influence the absolute user experience

05 August 2022

AI-Powered Contact Centres Will Enhance Banking Customer Experience

The key differentiator in banking is not interest rates or commissions, but customer experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) unlocks better experience by enabling self-service and reducing branch visits

Manpreet Sidhu⁣, Professional Coach, Performance Analyst BCCI & International Cricket Team, Canada

'Strategy, Planning & Opponents' Technical Analysis Is Very Important In International Cricket', Says Manpreet Sidhu⁣

Manpreet shared with us his international experience of working as a Team Performance & Strategy Analyst Coach in several ICC approved premier leagues

Rajnath Singh Claims India Must be Ready To Face Disorder Due To AI

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has brought attention to India's need to be cautious with artificial intelligence (AI) as it is bound to face legal, and economic distress among issues.

11 July 2022

Saurav Agarwal, Data Science Expert

Saurav Agarwal: A Data Science Expert Trailblazing Change In The Realm

Saurav Agarwal has always been fascinated by what is happening in the technology world. As a result, he reads whatever new information is available on this subject to keep himself informed and intrigued.


Chainalysis Launches Wallet Screening Tool To Identify Country Of Origin; Bitcoin Falls

Singapore-based crypto analytics firm Chainalysis has launched two screening tools based on the need to identify the wallet user’s country of origin. Bitcoin’s price slid 0.57 per cent in the last 24 hours, while...

11 March 2022

It has become evident that leaders across sectors will have to upskill as far as tech is concerned

Corporate Leaders Need To Upgrade Tech Skills To Stay In The Game

Many tech and HR experts feel that a substantial percentage of Indian business leaders need to upskill their technical know-how to keep pace with the technology

06 June 2022


So far, TCS has partnered with Microsoft Azure in more than 1,000 projects.

TCS Partners With Microsoft Azure To Leverage Software For Smart Cities And Customer Analytics 

Designated as the Microsoft Azure expert managed service partner, TCS won the 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards for Azure Intelligent Cloud in France and Dynamics 365 Field Service in the US.

28 February 2022