Kerala YouTuber Arrested Over Objectionable Remarks And Creating Traffic Block

Police booked YouTuber 'Thoppi', who has a large number of followers on social media platforms, based on the complaint of a local public activist.

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Police arrested a controversial YouTuber in Kochi on Friday morning, who had been accused of making allegedly objectionable remarks and creating a traffic block on a busy road in connection with the recent inauguration of a shop.

According to the officials,he was taken into custody from a house in Kochi early in the morning and his arrest was recorded after taking him to Valanchery in northern Malappuram.

About the YouTuber

YouTuber Nihad aka 'Thoppi' has a large number of followers on social media platforms. He was booked on Thursday based on the complaint of a local public activist.

He hails from Kerala's Kannur district.

His YouTube channel has lakhs of subscribers, especially children.

All about the incident

"Thoppi" put his phone on live record and posted the arrival of the police and his custody details through social media.

Police later confiscated his gadgets including his laptop into their custody as part of the investigation.

As per the complaint, the YouTuber had caused a traffic congestion for hours on the busy road in Valanchery here recently. 

According to police, a large number of people, especially youths and teenagers, had turned up for the programme.

The YouTuber was also accused of using obscene words while singing songs and making objectionable remarks during the programme, police said.

The case was registered under various sections of the IPC for causing a traffic jam and for publicly using objectionable words, they said.

 IPC Sections including 283, 294 (b) and 364 (a) and section 67 of the IT Act have been slapped against the accused, the officer said..

 The YouTuber would be produced before a court soon, he added.

What did the police say?

A police official said they had to break open the door of his room as the YouTuber was reluctant to open it despite repeated requests.

"We waited for half and hour. Still he didn't open the doors. So, we were forced to break it open and took him into custody," he told PTI.

The official said they also feared the YouTuber might destroy the evidence in his phone and laptop if he got more time.