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Gracie Abrams Surprises Fans With A Taylor Swift Feature On Track 5 'Us' Of New Album 'The Secret of Us': See Full Tracklist Here

Gracie Abrams surprises fans by featuring Taylor Swift on the fifth track of her new album, "The Secret of Us." The highly anticipated album, set for release on June 21, includes 13 tracks and promises an exciting collaboration between the two artists.

Gracie Abrams Feat Taylor Swo

Taylor Swift is featured on the fifth track of Gracie Abrams' second album, "The Secret of Us." Gracie Abrams revealed the tracklist for her upcoming album, "The Secret of Us," on Monday morning. The 24-year-old singer announced it on social media with the caption, "June 21. Screaming so loud." The album's first single, "Risk," was released on May 1. The album includes 13 tracks, with Taylor Swift featured on the fifth track.

Set to be released on June 21 through Interscope Records, Abrams' second full-length album remains largely shrouded in mystery. The "Difficult" singer co-wrote the album's first single with Audrey Hobert. The "Fortnight" artist is the only collaborator listed on the album, which has been produced by Aaron Dessner. Dessner also worked on Abrams' debut record, "Good Riddance," as well as Swift's "Folklore," "Evermore," and "The Tortured Poets Department." Other tracks on "The Secret of Us" include "Felt Good About You," "Blowing Smoke," "Let It Happen," and more.

The Secret Of Us Tracklist

  1. Felt Good About You

  2. Risk

  3. Blowing Smoke

  4. I Love You, I'm Sorry

  5. us. (featuring Taylor Swift)

  6. Let It Happen

  7. Tough Love

  8. I Knew It, I Know You

  9. Gave You I Gave You I

  10. Normal Thing

  11. Good Luck Charlie

  12. Free Now

  13. Close To You

Abrams shares a close bond with the "Cruel Summer" hitmaker, having opened for her blockbuster "The Eras Tour" in 2023. While performing her latest single, "Risk," on "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon," Abrams described opening for Swift as “the craziest privilege.” She added, “We all love her dearly. It's a real master class to watch, to watch her do what she does.”

“I felt like I was at college for this job. I watched every single one of her shows that I was lucky enough to open. I think we did 31, and I watched from every place possible in each stadium, just trying to pick up on how she's able to do what she does, and she's such a one-of-a-kind person, friend, artist, all the things,” the singer said.

Fans React To Gracie Abrams Featuring Taylor Swift

Shortly after Abrams unveiled the tracklist, fans flooded social media, expressing their shock over the feature from the "Karma" singer. One fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “I will be there no matter what.” Another exclaimed, “THERE'S NO WAY. MY TWO FAVORITES. ON A SONG. TOGETHER. I CAN’T.” Yet another fan wrote, “FEATURING TAYLOR SWIFT???? ON A TRACK 5??????”