01 January 1970

Poem: Night Rain

The poet spins a surreal drama of a rainy night that will wriggle within the reader for a while.

Night rain.
Night rain. Getty Images

Chariots rove in the bare sky
wrecking the stars and the dingy light

Air blows like a mass of serpents 
twisting and wriggling,
upturning objects on its way
wounding themselves 

It rains on tin roofs as 
the night unfolds riddles of summer.

Tribes and their livestock  
Imagine the dark with open eyes 
Their conscience fears havoc
as the night rain splatters 
against their tilted hearts. 

The prayers and offerings, 
turn into vapor, 
the skin of earth gets blisters
filled with pouts of 
red velvet mites and scorpions 

The silence embraces the night rain
plundering flames of the lamp; 
the bloody creatures warm up to fear, trembling in breeze

The dark shaded night-rain 
run down the hills, 
into hamlets. 
It is a show of identity.

(Ramesh Karthik Nayak (b. 1997) is a BANJARA (Nomadic aboriginal community in South Asia) writer from India.
He is one of the first writers to depict the lifestyle of the Banjara tribe in literature. His writings appeared in Exchanges: Journal of Literary Translation - University of IOWA and Poetry at Sangam.)