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This April, Don’t Miss MX Player's Exciting Slate Of International Shows

As we enter April 2023, here are some of the popular international shows that are making it to MX Player. Here’s when you can watch them and what to expect from them.

A Still From 'Fall In Love'

MX Player's line-up of international shows for April 2023 is sure to take you on an enjoyable adventure. From historical dramas to heart-warming comedies, the upcoming Chinese and Korean dramas from around the world will surely entertain you. Get ready to immerse yourself in the stories of strong characters navigating love, loss, and everything in between.

Sit back, relax and enjoy MX VDesi's enticing April 2023 slate. Here’s what’s in store:

‘Fall In Love’ (April 1)

‘Fall In Love’ (2021) is an enthralling Chinese drama that revolves around Mu Wan Qing (Jingyi Zhang), who returns to China to lay her mother's ashes to rest. However, her true motive is to unravel the mystery behind her family's tragic past. In her quest, she befriends two intriguing men: Tan Xuanlin, a daring commander playing a dangerous game, and Xu Guang Yao, a revered son of a Commander who abhors political power struggles. Despite their differences, they form an unlikely alliance and delve deeper into the mystery, facing perilous challenges that test their loyalty and courage. With a coup d'état wreaking havoc on the Shanghai army, the trio realizes that they must set aside their personal struggles and unite to safeguard their country. ‘Fall in Love’ explores how love, friendship, and patriotism can unite individuals from diverse backgrounds in times of adversity. This gripping series with its intricate plot, complex characters, and poignant moments will leave you on the edge of your seat.

‘The Lady In Dignity’ (April 5)

‘The Lady In Dignity’ follows the lives of two women with conflicting views - Woo-A-Jin (Kim Hee-Seon) and Park Bok Ja (Kim Sun-A). In the midst of a wealthy yet dysfunctional family, Woo-A Jin is a dutiful daughter-in-law living a luxurious life. But her world comes crashing down when she hires a new caretaker, Park Bok-Ja, who seduces her ailing father-in-law and becomes his wife, leaving the family in disbelief. With multiple layers of complexity, it delves deep into the intricacies of the societal class system, showcasing the rise of one woman from the bottom to the top, while the other falls from grace. This juicy drama takes a jab at the hypocrisy of the supposedly elegant upper class, exposing their inelegance and flaws. A captivating tale of power, manipulation, and betrayal, prep up to witness how seemingly perfect life can unravel and how one's status can be both a blessing and a curse.

‘My Debate Opponent 2’ (April 8)

Prep up for an epic showdown in the world of debating with the popular sequel to the 2019 Chinese hit series ‘My Debate Opponent 2’. This time, the story revolves around a group of unlikely debaters thrown together by a group of unscrupulous teachers looking to rig an inter-school debating competition. The team comprises of headstrong Xiao Yu (Wu Jia Yi) and the rudderless Nan Bei, (Zhai Zi Lu.) Despite the low expectations of their teachers, the team quickly discovers a way to blend their diverse skills and become a formidable debating force. But the scheme of the manipulative school principal threatens to derail their newfound success. Will the young debaters be able to rise above the challenges and prove themselves on the most prestigious debating platform of all? A thrilling ride filled with unexpected twists and turns, ‘Hello Debate Opponent Season 2’ explores the power of teamwork, determination, and the unbreakable human spirit.

‘The Song Of Glory’ (April 12)

Experience political turmoil, power struggles, and romance in ‘The Song Of Glory’, a 2020 historical drama directed by Li Hui Zhu and Deng Wei En. Prince Peng Cheng, Liu Yikang (Qin Hao) introduced political reforms to restore order in the Liu Song dynasty but faced opposition from powerful aristocrats. With few allies, he agrees to marry Shen Li Ge (Li Qin), the brilliant daughter of the powerful Shen family with deep military roots. Together, they face corrupt and powerful clans, using their intelligence and strength to succeed. Witness the struggles of a young prince fighting for his people and a couple striving to restore peace and love to their nation. Will they succeed, or will their efforts be in vain?

‘Court Lady’ (April 19)

Step into the lavish world of China's Tang dynasty with Court Lady, a captivating Chinese drama that tells the love story of Sheng Chu Mu (Xu Kai) and Fu Rou (Li Yi Tong). Sheng Chu Mu, the eldest son of a prestigious military family, has always lived a life of luxury and indulgence. Known as the biggest playboy in the capital city of Chang'an, he finds himself in trouble yet again and decides to escape to Guangzhou with a friend. There, he meets Fu Rou, the daughter of a local merchant, and is instantly smitten by her stunning beauty. But their love story is not without its challenges as they navigate the complexities of societal expectations and familial obligations. As both the characters embark on a journey of romance and self-discovery, viewers are transported to a bygone era of opulence, political intrigue, and forbidden love. Will Sheng Chu Mu and Fu Rou's love withstand the tests of time and circumstance?

‘Novoland: Eagle Flag’ (April 26)

Prepare to be transported to a world of adventure, romance, and power struggles with Novoland: Eagle Flag, an enthralling Chinese costume drama. Set in a time of chaos and darkness, the story follows the lives of three young heroes, Lu Gui Chen, Ji Ye, and Yu Ran, fighting against a tyrannical warlord and other ominous forces. Lu Gui Chen, the heir to the nomadic Qingyang tribe, is sent to the Eastern Land as a hostage. There, he befriends Ji Ye, an illegitimate son who aspires to become a warrior, and Yu Ran, a princess from the Winged tribe. As they bond together, romantic feelings emerge but their idyllic lives are soon threatened by the iron-fisted rule of warlord Ying Wu Yi, who has a stronghold over the emperor and the nobles. The trio decides to join forces and challenge Ying Wu Yi at Shangyang Pass, but they don't know that an even more sinister plot is unfolding. Will Lu Gui Chen, Ji Ye, and Yu Ran defeat the ruthless warlord and overcome the dark forces threatening their world?

Which one among these are you most excited about?