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Happy Birthday Swara Bhasker: 5 Times When The Actress Gave A Befitting Reply To Trolls

Actress Swara Bhasker has been the target of internet trolls for quite some time; yet, she maintains a calm demeanour while dealing with trolls and manages to shut them down with savage replies. Today, on her birthday, let's have a look at some of her best reverts.

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker is celebrating her 34th birthday today (April 9). The 'Veere Di Wedding' actress has received a lot of trolling and criticism on social media for being outspoken about many socio-political topics and conflicts. Owing to her political posts, Bhasker has often been trolled in the past. She has even accused many of being paid trolls. Despite the fact that the actress is not scared to express herself, trolls continue to appear on her Tweets and postings.

Bhasker has been the target of internet trolls for quite some time; yet, the actress maintains a calm demeanour while dealing with trolls and manages to shut them down with savage replies. Here are five instances when Bhasker shut down trolls with her brutal comebacks.

Hijab Controversy

Swara Bhasker was slammed for being vocal on Hijab controversy. Bhasker linked Draupadi's chir-haran to the hijab debate in a tweet. A user commented on Bhasker's post, saying, "Draupadi was forcibly removed, but you took off your clothes yourself." Another user captured a screenshot of her at an event when she was asked about her short dress. With a hilarious remark, Bhasker schooled the user and called out the inappropriate behaviour in a follow-up Tweet.

Covid-19 Positive

Swara Bhasker tested positive for Covid-19, and although she got well wishes from fans and coworkers, she was also exposed to trolls, some of whom wanted her dead. Responding to all such posts, Bhasker called the haters her ‘nafrati chintus (haters) and trolls praying for my demise,’ and wrote sarcastically in Hindi, “Friends, please keep your emotions in check. If something happens to me, your livelihood will be in danger. How will you run your house?”

Troll Compares Swara Bhasker To Maid

Swara Bhasker's tweet Twitter

Swara Bhasker took to Twitter and dropped a selfie in which she can be seen sitting in a park, wearing a saree. Sharing the picture, the actress wrote, “A sari, a park, a walk, a book... ‘at peace’ must feel like this #smalljoys #gratitude #feelingwise.” However, one of the users targeted her and mentioned, “My maid looks much better than you in saree. Much more graceful than you.” After reading the comment, Bhasker decided to take a dig at him and said that the user’s household would be beautiful. 

Trolls On Veere Di Wedding Scene

Swara Bhasker turned to Twitter to encourage people to vote. To everyone's surprise, the star was mocked by someone brandishing a poster with slut-shaming words on it. The placards read, 'This election, don't be like Swara Bhaskar, use your finger wisely, vote wisely.' In a humorous tweet, the star called out the sexist trolls, saying she appreciates those who are trying so hard to popularise her name.

Troll Asks Swara Bhasker To Settle In Pakistan

Swara Bhasker stood up to a Twitter troll who told her to "settle in Pakistan," among other derogatory remarks. The actress had uploaded a message in which she conveyed her sympathies to the victims of the Pakistan airline disaster. After seeing the message, a user began urging Bhasker that she should go to Pakistan. In the post, he even mentioned how their forefathers robbed India's temples. Bhasker reacted by correcting his historical facts. She said in the tweet that instead of learning history through Whatsapp, he should have researched accurate history before declaring it on social media.