Monday, Nov 28, 2022
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Dr. Aarti Bhasin Spills Reasons Why Getting A Facial Thread Lift Should Be Your Next Big Thing!

The natural and sans-surgical process of treating the skin without any injectables has been one of the renowned interests making 'Thread Lifting' the most suitable call.

The art of human ageing has got its beauty and bane. Though beauty is skin deep, few people who are concerned with their physical attributes often get distraught with the loosening of skin tissues and a resultant sagging appearance. This occurs due to the declined production and disintegration of collagen and elastin that makes the skin firm. Wrinkles, creases in the skin, and folds are other results of the same.  

However, treating them in today's world is not a herculean task, and you need not go under the knife. A plethora of cosmetology treatments like Dermal Fillers, Botulinum toxin, Chemical peeling, and Thread Lift have been put into practice over the years. However, the natural and sans-surgical process of treating the skin without any injectables has been one of the renowned interests making "Thread Lifting" the most suitable call. 

If performed under a proper professional with expertise and the right intellectuality, it is reported to bring the best results. One such practitioner bringing the best results from this treatment is Dr. Aarti Bhasin. She strongly recommended the practice and mentioned few interesting facts that would want the readers to get a thread lift just now! Such are:- 

1) The treatment is so versatile, it can treat in any area of the face. Specifically, one can achieve a contoured face with a single sitting procedure. This may include the eyebrow life or the entire neck to give a good chisel look. So, one may customize the treatment according to their needs.

 2) The threads are generally expected to last long for a period of a year to 16 months, depending on the body's rate of metabolism, quality, and thickness of the threads used.

 3) It takes at least a month for a prominent display of results, but depending on the collagen production, one can experience changes within a week too!

 4) Anyone can get this treatment done, especially the ones who want an instant facial lift. Within a short time, the treatment works like magic. It also works great for people looking to correct uneven pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, gaunt facial features, or skin laxity of the face.

5) This is an absolutely safe treatment with no real risks involved. The FDA even approves it for safety and efficiency.