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#112 PMS? Mr Prasad?: Jul 07, 2009 12:37:10

Mahesh Agarwal's ticker removed

#112 PMS? Mr Prasad?: Jul 07, 2009 12:37:10

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PMS: Hello?

NR Mr. Prasad?

PMS: Yes

Lady: He was referring to his own petition when he said that the government is an intervener in their petition. The ticker has been removed from the stay also. Mahesh Agarwal also said that what will you do, when the media will ask what will you do with this gas because you don’t have any power plant. He said we will do what Mukesh Ambani is doing with his gas, he is selling to other people. So they said well that’s trading, and you are not allowed to trade. He said he said we are not trading, we are going to sell it. They said that’s the same thing. So ET Now has given him a nice bashing.

Mr. Prasad: Hmm. Not ET Now. (not clear)

NR: No, in the sense CNBC (probably) has taken him off now. And they have also clarified that he is referring to his own case being an intervener.

Mr. Prasad: No the way he is speaking, he is not saying this, I have heard. He said the government is not the respondent, the government wont, something like that.

NR: He is taken off Mr. Prasad.

Mr. Prasad: Okay okay

NR: And Shireen has said, I have just spoken to her, he is an idiot, he is talking about trading gas, I will deal with him later, she said.

Mr. Prasad: Okay okay

NR: Anyways, this story will come out tomorrow that he says he will trade gas and he will get a nice bashing for this.

Mr. Prasad: Good.

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