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Niira Radia Tapes

#1 A Raja: May 22, 2009 01:47:37

'Barkha Dutt... says that he [PM] has no problem with you, but he has a problem with Baalu'

#1 A Raja: May 22, 2009 01:47:37

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22 May 2009, 01:42:37

Niira Radia: Hello?

A. Raja: Raja here

Niira Radia: Hi! I got a message from Barkha Dutt just now

A. Raja: Huh?

Niira Radia: Barkha Dutt

A. Raja: What does she say?

Niira Radia: She says… that she has been following up the story with Prime Minister’s Office tonight. In fact, she was the one who told me that Sonia Gandhi went there. She says that he has no problem with you, but he has a problem with Baalu

A. Raja: …but it has to be discussed with Leader

Niira Radia: yeah, yeah… he has to discuss with the Leader. He has to tell…

A. Raja: It will be discussed in the morning… why unnecessarily Congress… [indiscernible] tie-up is going out

Niira Radia: No, but then the question is about Azhagiri, no?

A. Raja: Huh?

Niira Radia: Azhagiri’s people are saying: why is Maran getting Cabinet when he is such a senior leader himself?

A. Raja: That is different, but all these things must be explored and disclosed

Niira Radia: That’s right. That’s right. I told her to get Congress…

A. Raja: At least, one to one, let it be disclosed to Leader

Niira Radia: One to one?

A. Raja: One to one. Somebody should give a message, at least in a sealed cover, that we are having serious problems to Baalu

Niira Radia: From Congress, right?

A. Raja: Yes

Niira Radia: Okay, I’ll tell her. She is talking to Ahmed Patel, so I will talk to him

A. Raja: Let him [sic] call at least over phone: Sir, this is problem… we are having high regard, we are having no problem with Raja, but problem is Baalu. Tell.

Niira Radia: Then how will you resolve the other problem?

A. Raja: Other problems we will take care of slowly, because now Leader comes down

Niira Radia: Uh huh.

A. Raja: Don’t worry

Niira Radia: Now Leader comes down to three, no?

A. Raja: Comes down for [sic] three…

Niira Radia: Yeah

A. Raja: Even you are saying that Maran is not fit for infrastructure… he is having controversy… alright, let him be accommodated in the existing ministry… at least we will suggest

Niira Radia: Maran?

A. Raja: Hmm… you suggest, you send a message

Niira Radia: Uh, huh

A. Raja: Okay

Niira Radia: Okay


Transcript main source: From the petition submitted to SC. If you find any errors in the transcript, please help us by pointing it out in the comments section

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