Meghamalai Mesmerizes With Its Wild Tranquility

Meghamalai in Tamil Nadu that borders Periyar's core forest is as hard to reach as it is difficult to leave

The breathtakingly beautiful Meghamalai Photo: Wikimedia Commons

"Take your shoes off," my host and guide Eldoz gently suggested as we stepped up to the stream. "We're better off without them now." Hopping barefoot from stone to stone, leaning on boulders carpeted with moss that's soft to the touch, we got our toes wet in the gently gurgling stream, occasionally stopping to sip the refreshingly cool water as we made our way to its source, a small cascade emptying itself into a natural rock pool. The water at Oote Theri, as it is known locally, is noted for its medicinal properties, thanks to the plants growing along the rocky banks.