Guide To Vietnam's Cao Bằng: What To Do, Where To Eat And Stay

This northeastern province has waterfalls, caves, lakes and temples that you should explore on your Vietnam tour

Fields in the Trùng Khánh area of Cao Bằng province Photo: huynguyen_pch/Unsplash

Cao Bằng province in northeastern Vietnam is home to such stunning natural beauty that the region has been designated a UNESCO Global Geopark. It has 47 lakes, five major river systems, limestone caves and mountains, waterfalls, and sedimentary rocks which date as far back as 500 million years ago. The capital—also called Cao Bằng—rests against the Sông Bằng River. It’s a small but growing city with hotels, shops and restaurants cropping up in the past few decades. Visitors can explore the rest of the province from here.