Be Lost Among Bagan's Grand Architectural Treasures

Myanmar's ancient city of Bagan, receives millions of tourists each year for its spectacular temples and breathtaking sunsets. Read why it should be on your list when visiting the country

The grand Shwezigon Pagoda from 1102 AD is an example of ancient architectural marvels of Myanmar Photo: Shutterstock

"Your plan or my plan," asked Zew Min, our horse cart driver, after seeing the map in my hand that I had secured from my hotel lobby. We were standing at the hotel gate, and Ruby, his horse, was nodding inexplicably as if eavesdropping on our conversation. Min has been driving horse carts around Bagan for a decade now and I entrust my day to him gladly. "Yours," I said, and we hopped on to his blue-painted cart, jolting Ruby from the reverie that had prompted her head-bobbing. She understands it is time for her work-day to begin and gallops away ever so slightly.