Saturday, Sep 23, 2023

Us Gun Violence

AR-15 styled rifle

What is the AR-15 gun, used in the hooting in Jacksonville in United States

The Jacksonville shooting has brought attention back to the AR-15-style rifle. The rifle, which weighs less than 5 pounds, doesn’t require much time and money on training and is one of the most customisable guns in the US...

27 August 2023

2 killed in an Accident in UP. (Representational image)

Indian National From Hyderabad Among 9 Killed In Texas Mall Shooting

Aishwarya, originally from Hyderabad, India, had completed her education in civil engineering and was working as a project engineer in Texas for over two years.

08 May 2023

Crime Scene (Representative Image)

Texas Shooting: Man Kills 5 Neighbours, Including A Toddler, Who Asked Him To Stop Gunfire

The attack happened just before midnight Friday near the town of Cleveland, north of Houston, on a street where some residents say it is not uncommon to hear neighbours unwind by firing off guns.

30 April 2023

Assault Rifle

Shooting in United States: White gunman with Swastika-emblazoned rifle kills 3 Black people in Jacksonville

A white man opened fire at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida, killing three Black people. Later, the accused shot himself as well.

27 August 2023

Shooting at Texas mall

US Gun Violence: Child Among 8 Killed in Texas Mall Shooting, Gunman Shot Dead

A video circulated online showed a gunman stepping out of a vehicle outside the mall and immediately opening fire at people on the sidewalk. Over three dozen shots were heard as the vehicle recording the video drove off.

07 May 2023

Nashville School Shooting

Explained: Laws And Debates Around Mass Shooting In The US

The rising number of mass shootings shows a troubling trend in the United States where federal and state governments are struggling with gun violence. As shootings take place even in states with stricter gun laws, lawmakers...

31 March 2023

Students Protest Against Gun Violence In US

Gun Violence: A Look At Recent Shooting Incidents In The United States

Just two days ago, President Joe Biden pleaded for Congress to do more to curb gun violence as a wave of mass shootings across the US shows no sign of abating

18 May 2023


Nashville School Shooting

Mass Shooting At The Covenant School In Nashville

Three children and three adults were killed after a former student fired inside The Convenant School in Nashville, Tenn, the officials said.

28 March 2023


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