Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022

Travel Musings

A scenic ferry-ride across the Brahmaputra

Rohith Ashok On The Significance Of Planning Less And Discovering More While Travelling

The best routes I’ve ridden are those I never intended to find. And, I only have the kindness of strangers to thank for it

04 June 2022

The colourful lanes of Palma

Our Man In Europe On Experiencing Freedom In Spain

Despite all the pandemics and wars, the escapist within us, forever seeking new experiences, will never die

The writer with Faith, his steadfast two-wheeled companion

All I Needed Was Faith: Rohith Ashok's Recollections Of His Old Motorcycle

The author pays a rich, sentimental tribute to one of his oldest travel companions

A train in the Malmo Central Station

Our Man In Europe On The Importance Of Slow Travel

Journeys carry within them the potential to transform – especially the slower journeys taken in buses and trains

04 June 2022

To click or not to click - that is the question

A Modern Traveller's Dilemma

There’s no denying that the purest experience, in any context, is that which is free from distraction or dilution

Representative image: a deserted island

Marooned—In The Andaman Sea

Travel writers Hugh and Colleen Gantzer find themselves all alone in an uninhabited island in the Andaman Sea, and revel in the ecstasy of the novel experience

22 April 2022

A forest trail in one of the Andaman islands

Don't Say The D Word: Rohith Ashok Experiences, First-Hand, The Wisdom Of The Nicobari Tribe

We city folks often believe that we know more than those who remain rooted to more traditional realities. The truth, however, is that the joke can often be on us

03 June 2022