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Know Why Jadau Jewellery Rules The Hearts Of Every Women

The Mughals brought Jadau craftsmanship to India, but Rajasthan's master artisans—still regarded as centre of Jadau jewellery production—practised and refined it.

Jadau Jewellery
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With deep roots in the royal era of fore, Jadau jewellery holds a special place in everyone’s ethnic wardrobe. A Jadau piece is cherished by most Indian women and has a special place in ethnic costumes. The precious workmanship of Jadau jewellery is evidence of the royal era, which is why it is handed down through the generations as an inheritance. One of the nation's oldest luxury lifestyle jewellery businesses, Krishna Jewellers Pearls and Gems located in Jubilee Hills - Telangana, is renowned for designing classic Jadau designs to cater to the tastes of contemporary connoisseurs. Below are some key pointers that one should know about before buying this artistic piece.

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 Jadau jewellery – What Is It?
The Mughals brought Jadau craftsmanship to India, but Rajasthan's master artisans—still regarded as centre of Jadau jewellery production—practised and refined it. It is a flawless jewellery-making technique in which gold is inlaid with priceless gems, including uncut diamonds, pearls, emeralds, and rubies. Then, gold is transformed into a framework on which precious gemstones are set without glue. As a result, Jadau is frequently used to inspire interest with Kundan, Pacchi, Polki, Stone, and Meenakari.
A group of craftspeople known as the Chiterias creates the jewellery's design, and Ghaarias then engrave and space the pieces using malleable gold. The enameller then embellishes the jewellery's back with Meenakari work after the stones have been naturally set in the gold setting

How long does creating a single piece of Jadau jewellery take?
Depending on the jewellery type, time taken to complete a piece of ornament would depend on the kind of design they work on. It's a laborious process that calls for extreme caution and delicacy. A simple item might be completed in a few days, a complex design may take months.
Why is Jadau jewellery so unique?
It is one of the earliest methods of creating jewellery and has a fascinating history. It demands a certain level of craftsmanship, naturally making it incredibly alluring. The traditional 25-55 jewellery style is produced without any technicalities, which raises the number of working hours required to build, increasing its value. It's all handwork! It indeed serves as an affirmation of the great cultural legacy that our nation has.
When purchasing a Jadau necklace, what should someone keep in mind?
Check the quality of the gold utilized before investing in a Jadau necklace. The typical gold used for Jadau craftsmanship is 22 to 24 k. Therefore, no less than 22k gold should be used for the case that the stones are set in. The stones' naturalness or treatment is another crucial consideration. It is also essential to be aware of the techniques used to improve the appearance of uncut diamonds and other valuable and semi-precious gems in Jadau jewellery interest.
Where Should one Buy Jadau Jewellery From?
For More Jewellery Collection, visit us at . Also, you can visit us at Plot No. 1222, Ground Floor, Krishna Jewellers Pearls Gems, Road Number 36, Near Metro Station, Telangana, and Hyderabad-500033. Furthermore visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to explore our extensive range of Jadau Jewellery designs and details.