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Best Psychics 2024 - Top Platforms For Accurate Psychic Guidance

Outlook for Brands

Best Psychics 2024 - Top Platforms For Accurate Psychic Guidance

Struggling to get out of a rut? The best psychics online can help. Find out the best platforms for accurate and affordable psychic readings.


With so many psychics online, how do you determine the legit ones from the fakers? 

Since they’re currently not regulated by any government agency (thank goodness), how does an average person go about finding the best psychics available?

Fear not, for we've embarked on the very same journey, determined to uncover the gems amid the vast psychic landscape.

You may not have a crystal ball, but we will point you toward some of the best online psychics who do.

Spoiler alert!

Purple Garden tops our list. Find out why and discover more incredible psychic reading platforms.

Best Psychics for Insightful Readings

First Look

  1. Purple Garden - Best psychic reading platform overall ($10 OFF)
  2. Kasamba - Best psychics for love advice (50% OFF)
  3. Keen - Most extensive network of psychics ( 10 minutes for $1.99)
  4. California Psychics - Best screened psychics ($1/min readings)
  5. AskNow - Best psychics for tarot readings (5 FREE* minutes)
  6. Purple Ocean - Best customized video readings (Flat rates)
  7. Psychic Source - Best psychics for mediumship ($1/min readings)
  8. Oranum - Best psychics by video (10,000 FREE coins)
  9. Psychic Oz - Best introductory deals and promos (3 FREE mins)
  10. Mysticsense - Best LGBTQ+ advisors (5 FREE minutes)
  11. Purple Tides - Best site for multiple psychics’ perspectives (as low as $5/reading)

1. Purple Garden – All-Round Best Psychics Online  

Purple Garden
Purple Garden


  • Highly vetted psychics
  • Transparent customer reviews
  • More than 1,000 psychic advisors
  • A wide variety of readings
  • Transcripts for text and voice readings 
  • $10 OFF your first purchase


  • Different Prices for Video, Phone, and Chat Readings

Nothing excites a potential customer’s interest more than a rave review about whatever they’re interested in.

According to those who’ve had psychic readings at Purple Garden, they have the best psychics and offer the most accurate readings of any other online platform. 
Of course, that’s a big claim, but if you’re as skeptical as we are about hyperbole, you’ll want to be aboard for this deep dive into just how good (or not) Purple Garden is. 


With more than 1000 of the best psychics vetted and tested for their abilities, Purple Garden offers a wide array of readers and reading styles. 

Whether you’re looking for someone who uses tools such as Astrology and Tarot, or a reader who depends solely on clairvoyant abilities, Purple Garden offers you a wide choice.

The in-depth profiles, in turn, list each psychic’s services and both positive and negative reviews so that you can see each reader's relative strengths and weaknesses.


Readings range from $0.99 to $17.99 per minute, with the easy-to-use search filter letting you set whatever price point your budget allows. 

Getting started is also easy with the free $10 matching credit on your initial reading. That means with the first $10 you spend, you’ll get another $10 worth of time free. 

Promo codes are also available that are regularly updated and offer as much as 15% off your reading.  Unlike other sites, these codes aren’t just for first-time customers. Gone is the sticker shock when you find out what most sites charge on your second time around. 

Purple Garden also offers a variety of formats through which you can have your reading, including chat, phone, and video options. 

One downside is that each option is priced differently, and only some of their psychics are available in all three formats. In other words, you’ll pay a bit more for the luxury of a face-to-face video session than you will for a chat reading.

Why Choose Purple Garden’s Best Psychics? 

When looking for the best psychics online to help with whatever is on your mind, two things will determine your choice: accuracy and price. 

According to their customers, Purple Garden has the most accurate and best online psychics.  

Plus, they offer chat, phone, and video formats, ongoing promos, discounts, and a wide price range starting at only $0.99 per minute.  Need we say more? 

<< Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden >>  

2. Kasamba – Best Psychics for Love Advice



  • Over 20 years of experience online
  • Best psychics for love readings
  • Best Match Guarantee
  • 3 free minutes plus 50% off your first reading
  • Satisfaction Guarantee up to $50 credit 


  • Email readings take 24 hours for a response

The one thing in life that everyone dreams of, worries about, and hopes for is love. It’s also the most common question the best online psychics are asked about. 

If you’re looking for a site that will give you the best insights into Cupid’s activities, look no further than Kasamba. 

We hear that even Venus occasionally checks the site to keep abreast of what Kasamba’s best psychics are saying.


Aside from their acknowledged reputation for having the best online psychics when it comes to matters of the heart, Kasamba also offers a large variety of psychic readings.

Besides their classic standbys like Astrology, Medium Readings, and Tarot, there are also more eclectic options like Dream Analysis, Rune Casting, Aura Readings, and more. 

Finding the right reader for your needs can sometimes take a lot of work, but not on Kasamba. They’ve made things a lot easier with their Best Match Guarantee. 

This allows you to have 3 free chat minutes with each new psychic you try. That way, if you’re not feeling a strong connection with the psychic you’re with, just end it before 3 minutes are up, and it’s free. 

Once you’ve settled on a reader that feels right, Kasamba will give you 3 free minutes plus 50% off your first reading. 

If you’re new to psychic reading, don't worry. Kasamba’s excellent “Articles” section has plenty of information to prepare you to get ready. 

From finding the best psychic to determining the best questions to ask, Kasamba will ensure you’re prepared to get the most out of a life-changing reading. 

However, even with all these features Kasamba provides, there’s still a possibility that your reading may not be what you hoped for. 
If it turns out that you’re dissatisfied with your session for whatever reason, Kasamba’s Satisfaction Guarantee will refund up to $50 toward another reading.

Why Choose Kasamba’s Best Psychics? 

Whether you’re straight, gay, he, she, or they, Kasamba has the most eclectic collection of love experts and the best online psychics to address your romantic needs.

If this is your first exposure to online psychic readings, Kasamba makes it easy to start. 

With readings available via chat or phone, and introductory discounts that make it affordable, Kasamba will be your first and final choice for finding the best online psychics. 

<< Get 50%  OFF + 3  FREE minutes >> 

3. Keen – Over 1700 Psychics Online  



  • Reliable phone readings app
  • “Readings 101” to prepare you for a reading
  • The most extensive network of psychics
  • Lightning Quick “Get Matched” filter
  • 10 minutes for $1.99
  • 3-minute free psychic reading 


  • Satisfaction Guarantee doesn’t apply to promotions

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to Keen, bigger is, without a doubt, pretty damn good. 

With over 1,700 of the best online psychics available for consultations on various subjects, Keen has the largest active community of any major psychic reading site. 

With a winning combination of budget-friendly rates, a cutting-edge phone app, precise readings, and a stellar lineup of top psychics in various specialties, Keen emerges as the go-to site for every occasion.


With over 1,700 of the best psychics available, it would seem logical that Keen would also provide various readings. 

For example, where other sites simply offer basic Astrology and horoscopes, Keen has a more international perspective with Vedic, Chinese, and Mayan Astrology. 

Of course, they have the usual Tarot and Medium readings, but if you have more esoteric tastes, you can also explore Pet Psychics, Angel readings, Aura cleansings, and more.

At Keen, the talents and variety of their best online psychics reflect the depth and breadth of the universe you’re asking about. 


If this is your first reading, Keen makes it easy to start with one of their best psychics by offering you the first 3 minutes free. 

This offer lets you get a feel for the process by allowing you to engage with the phenomena firsthand. If it turns out the psychic you picked is not the right match, the reading will be free if you end it before 3 minutes. 

Of course, we also think there’s a good chance you might just be fascinated by one of Keen’s psychics. If you are, you can engage your reader for a bit longer at 10 minutes for only $1.99. That’s only $0.20 per minute.

Besides having some of the best online psychics and great discounts, Keen is also concerned with preparing you for your reading experience. 

The “Readings 101” feature in their “Articles Section” has everything you need to know, from their “Ultimate Guide to Psychic Readings” to Spirituality FAQs.

Why Choose Keen’s Best Psychics? 

Keen is the perfect site for a first-timer, with plenty of the best psychics to choose from, a wide variety of readings via phone and chat, and intro deals that honor your budget, 

Add to that their informative “Readings 101” feature, and getting a psychic reading at Keen is almost like meeting your Guardian Angel.

<< Get 10 minutes for $1.99 on Keen >> 

4. California Psychics -  Best Screened Online Psychics

California Psychics
California Psychics


  • Highly screened and tested psychics
  • Intro packages as low as $1 per minute
  • Informative Blog including a Psychic dictionary
  • The widest array of readings online
  • Karma rewards with ongoing promos 


  • No video option

Since approximately 1995, California Psychics has been one of the pioneers in bringing the wonder and mystery of psychic readings to the Internet. 

It’s now 28 years later, and they’re still going strong with a great app, economical deals, and a blossoming stable of some of the best online psychics anywhere. 

If you’re looking for a great psychic session, read on to learn more about what California Psychics offers.

No matter what you want to talk about with your psychic or what tool or reading style you prefer, you can find it all on California Psychics.
From daily concerns like love or career to otherworldly matters like communicating with the dead and past lives, California Psychics has someone who knows. 

Likewise, a broad offering of reading tools is available on California Psychics. From Astrology to Numerology, Runes, the I-Ching, and even mediums and clairvoyants who don’t use tools, no esoteric or mystical technique is beyond the folks at California Psychics. 

Plus, you can feel secure that there are only real psychics on California Psychics. That’s because each reader must pass a rigorous screening and periodic tests of their abilities. 

California Psychics makes it easy to start with a menu of 20-minute packages that try to consider every budget. 

Starting at $20, each package offers an uninterrupted session with some of the best psychics you’ll find anywhere. 

Once your package is done, don’t worry. You can continue seeing some of the best psychics online for as low as $4 per minute. 

Plus, a Karma rewards program provides promotions and deals regularly. There’s even a special birthday discount.

Besides chat and phone calls, California Psychics has a third way to communicate with their best online psychics, known as an “Offline Message.’

This is essentially an SMS or “text” message that lets you contact a psychic and leave a message if they’re busy. 

Another exciting feature is their online Psychic Dictionary. 

Part of a vast and informative Blog, this is an easy-to-use lexicon with all sorts of psychic and spiritual terms listed alphabetically with clear, fun-to-read explanations.

Why Choose California Psychics’ Best Psychics?

With 28 years of experience, a wide variety of readings, highly-screened psychics, and an excellent $1 per minute intro offer, there’s not much to dislike about California Psychics.

They don’t offer a video option, but if they can read the tea leaves, that should be coming soon. 

<< Get a  $1/min offer on California Psychics >>

5. AskNow – Best Psychics for Tarot Readings 



  • Over 17 years online
  • Best $1 per minute packages
  • 5 Free Master Minutes
  • Excellent Tarot Card Readings
  • 1 free email question with a live psychic


  • The satisfaction Guarantee is for only 5 minutes

Tarot cards are perhaps the most popular tool used by psychics online, and the best psychics for Tarot readings are on AskNow. 

With over 17 years of experience, AskNow is known for having thoroughly screened readers and the best $1 per minute deals of any other online psychic site. 

So, if you want an affordable, old-fashioned card reading to shine some much-needed understanding into your life, AskNow has all the wisdom you need.


Besides their reputation for great Tarot consults, AskNow has a full staff of the best online psychics specializing in Astrology, Numerology, Dream Analysis, and more. 

Plus, like their great Tarot experts, all the mentioned psychics are thoroughly screened and tested beforehand. 
No matter what you want to talk about, from career and goals to love and relationships, AskNow has some of the best psychics around to guide you toward your best life.

Several psychic sites offer $1 per minute deals, but AskNow has taken the $1 per minute concept to a whole new level. 

Where the $1 per minute deals on most sites top out at 30 minutes, AskNow has shattered that ceiling with a revolutionary 40-minute deal.

Plus, when you sign up for this great package, it comes with 5 free Master minutes with the priciest and best psychics on AskNow.  In addition, you’ll also be eligible to get one free email question with a live psychic when you sign up for any AskNow discount.

You must admit, 45 minutes for $40 is a lot of bang for your buck. In fact, those are 1970 old-school psychic reading prices.

Even when the intro deals are done, AskNow is still affordable for working with some of the best psychics. 

Their 3-tier system, comprised of Top-Rated, Elite, and Master Advisors, makes it possible to get a life-changing reading with some of the best psychics for as low as $4.99 per minute. 

If you’re new to the psychic website and worry about finding the right advisor, AskNow’s “Psychic Spotlight” highlights a dozen of their best psychics to make things easy.

Why Choose AskNow’s Best Psychics?

We’ll make this short and sweet. The best psychics for Tarot readings, the most highly screened readers, the best $1 per minute deal, 17 years of experience, and psychic readings via phone and chat.

Is there any more you need to know about AskNow, except remember there’s no space between Ask and Now when you do your Google search? 

<< Get 5 FREE minutes on AskNow >> 

6. Purple Ocean - Best Customized Video Readings 

Purple Ocean
Purple Ocean


  • Customized video readings
  • Free downloadable app.
  • Readings only $10
  • 24-hour delivery service
  • Live video readings are also available 


  • Live readings only via phone  

From the founders of Bitwine and Purple Garden, Purple Ocean is a new online psychic site that brings customized video readings directly to your smartphone or tablet.  



With over 570 psychics, many doing double duty on Purple Garden as well, Purple Ocean has a psychic available for any type of reading or subject you need. 

Simply submit a written question to any Purple Ocean reader, and within 24 hours, you’ll receive a customized 3-minute video chock full of helpful advice and insights. 

You can also get live video readings, although those need to be negotiated with each reader and are done via the Purple Garden site.  


All customized videos on Purple Ocean cost $10 and will be delivered within 24 hours. If you need it faster, there’s a 1-hour service available as well for just $15. 

Live video readings start at $0.99 per minute and are done via the Purple Garden site. 

Why Choose Purple Ocean’s Best Psychics? 

If this is your first online reading, Purple Ocean is a great and affordable way to try out a reader so you can see how things work. One question, one low price, what could be easier? Especially since you can read and review your psychic answer at your leisure as often as you want.

>>Get customized video readings on Purple Ocean

7. Psychic Source – Best Psychics for Medium Readings

Psychic Source
Psychic Source


  • The oldest psychic site
  • $0.83 per minute introductory package
  • The best psychic mediums
  • Phone, chat, and video readings are available
  • Quick “Find a Psychic” Filter 


  • Free minutes discounts only for new customers 

From Confucius to Merlin, the image of an old sage has long stood as a symbol of wisdom and insight. 

At over 30 years old, Psychic Source plays that role to a tee with its status as the most senior psychic reading site online. 
For longer than the lives of some of their youngest customers, Psychic Source has had a reputation for consistency, savings, and being a healing oasis in this too-often crazy and confusing world. 


Boasting an impressive roster of nearly 80 gifted psychic mediums, Psychic Source reigns as the ultimate destination for medium readings and connecting with departed loved ones. Their unmatched expertise makes them the unrivaled leader in bridging the gap between the living and the afterlife.

Psychic Source holds the key to liberation if you're seeking solace by connecting with a departed soul or yearning for resolution in a haunting karmic predicament.
On the other hand, if your psychic concerns involve the land of the living, Psychic Source has more than 200 of the best psychics available by phone, chat, or video. 

Specializing in things like Astrology, Tarot, Dream Interpretation, and Numerology, these gifted psychics can help you find the best version of yourself. 


With discount packages starting as low as $0.83 per minute (30 minutes for $25 plus 5 minutes free), Psychic Source makes it easy to get started with your reading experience. 

If that’s not to your liking, there are also other deals to soothe your wallet, like 20 minutes for $20 plus 3 minutes free and 10 minutes for $10.
On the other hand, if you’re dissatisfied with your reading (after all, it occasionally snows in Florida), Psychic Source’s Satisfaction Guarantee will cover you for up to 20 minutes.

Additionally, if you’re new to the world of psychic readings, finding the right advisor won’t be a problem on Psychic Source.

The interactive “Find a Psychic” filter only requires you to answer a few brief questions, and in no time, you’ll be guided through hundreds of the best psychics to your perfect match. 

Perhaps you’re socially conscious? If so, Psychic Source also offers a “Kindness Initiative” that donates 1% of your purchases (at no charge to you) to one of 3 select charities.

There’s also a fantastic Articles section with videos, podcasts, essays, and more on everything psychic and spiritual.

Why Choose Psychic Source’s Best Psychics? 

Like your grandpa or a favorite uncle, Psychic Source has been a trusted advisor that has stood the test of time for over 30 years. 

With respected mediums, some of the best psychics, great discounts, and free features, Psychic Source is undeniably the Parthenon of online psychic sites.

<< Get readings for as low as $0.83 per minute >>

8. Oranum – Best Psychics for Video Readings



  • Free live chat room to try out psychics
  • Weekly customer voting for best psychics
  • Informative Blog on everything psychic and spiritual
  • All advisors available on Video
  • $9.99 Free Credit 


  • The “Coins” payment system can be confusing.

When it comes to online psychic readings, Oranum is unique.

Unlike some other sites, they’re all about creating a sense of real engagement in your reading experience. 

From the Free Live Chat room, where you can try out psychics with free questions, to live video readings and more, Oranum is all about feeling the energy. 
So if you’re looking for spiritual guidance with a real mystical feel, Oranum has a sacred space waiting for you.


While Oranum offers many readings, from Astrology to Clairvoyance, Crystal Balls, Numerology, Palm Reading, Runes, and more, its strength is live video. 

In fact, every one of its readers is wired to give you a virtual facsimile of an old-school, live, face-to-face reading. 

This experience starts with the “Free Live Chat Room,” where readers wait in their individual environments for people like you to ask them 1 free question. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no better way to test for the best online psychics. 


While the regular prices for readings on Oranum start as low as $0.98 per minute, the big deal on this site is the free $9.99 credit you get when you initially sign up. 

That’s right, just confirm your credit card, and Oranum will give you $9.99 free to start your first reading.

Oranum differs from the rest because it advertises itself as a Spiritual Community rather than just a psychic reading site.  As a result, some of the best psychics on the site offer free videos and tutorials on their profiles.

Oranum also has a Blog where you can encounter even more expert advice in the form of articles, videos, regular horoscopes, and more by some of the best psychics around. 

Oranum also conducts weekly contests where the customers vote on who they feel are the best psychics. 

As we’ve mentioned, one of the most reliable ways to find out who the best psychics are is from honest customer reviews, and Oranum’s weekly contests are just that.

Why Choose Oranum’s Best Psychics?

Let’s keep it simple. Oranum’s the best site for video readings. The Free Live Chat Room is the bomb, and the $9.99 free credit is hard to beat.

There’s also a large selection of readings, and once you’re beginning credit is used up, typically priced sessions start as low as $0.98 per minute. 

<<  Get $9.99 Free Credit on Oranum >> 

9. Psychic Oz - Best Introductory Deals and Promotions

 Psychic Oz
Psychic Oz


  • 2 $1 per minute packages
  • 30+ years online
  • 3 minutes Free
  • Satisfaction Guarantee for 20 minutes
  • Readings by phone, chat, video, and email 


  • Only 1 question per email  

If you want a site with over 30+ years of experience, free minutes, new customer discounts, and highly-screened readers, then Psychic Oz has a wizard waiting just for you.  



With over 110 top Psychics, Psychic Oz has various readings and subjects to provide you with all the guidance, insights, and advice you seek. 

Plus, with easy search categories like Customer Favorites, Staff Picks, and Rising Stars, finding a reader on Psychic Oz will never be a time-consuming affair. 


Every new customer on Psychic Oz gets 3 minutes free with their first reading. That way, you can test to make sure you’ve picked the right psychic before committing to going on the clock. 

After your free minutes, Psychic Oz has a pair of $1 per minute deals for 10 and 15 minutes. 

There’s also a half-price email reading option for only $4.99 if you prefer the anonymity of written correspondence with your psychic. 

Why Choose Psychic Oz’s Best Psychics?

Brand recognition is essential, and with over 30 years online, Psychic Oz is almost as much of a classic as The Wizard of Oz. 

Plus, with free minutes, new customer discounts, and normal low prices, Psychic Oz is a classic you can afford to indulge in over and over.

>>Get 3 FREE minutes

10. Mysticsense – Best Psychics for LGBTQ Issues 


  • Everyday prices start at $1 per minute
  • Best psychics for LGBTQ readings
  • First 5 minutes free
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Readings via chat, phone, and video 


  • Some advisors only do chat readings 

Established in 2020, Mysticsense is a newbie on the scene, but as it turns out, they’ve adapted quickly. 

With nearly 750 of the best online psychics, the lowest everyday prices, and a progressive code of ethics, Mysticsense is a site that reflects the current world.
In fact, they’re one of the only sites with a dedicated niche of psychics to assist members of the LGBTQ community with their unique concerns.


Even though they’ve only been online for three years, Mysticsense offers a menu of readings comparable with the older and bigger sites.

Among the types of sessions available are Astrology readings, Crystal Ball Readings, Pendulum dowsing, Rune readings, Tarot consultations, and more. 

If you’re on a budget, you’ll also be glad to know that the reading prices on Mysticsense are the lowest of any site in this review. 

In fact, as of this writing, most readers on the site only charge between $1 and $4 per minute. 


Where other sites offer deep initial discounts and then high prices afterward, Mysticsense does the opposite. As a result, they only have one introductory deal. 
Once you register an account and pay a $10 deposit, you’ll get the first 5 minutes of your first reading free.

If, for any reason, you’re dissatisfied with your session, Mysticsense has a Satisfaction Guarantee that will refund up to 10 minutes to be used toward another reading.

Low everyday prices and some of the best online psychics aren’t the only reasons to visit Mysticsense.

They also have a substantial Articles section that includes informative articles on all things psychic and spiritual. 

From historical pieces like “The Spiritualist Movement and Mediumship” to practical essays on “How to Break a Spell,” there’s something here for every range of interest. 

In addition, there are also free daily horoscopes available via email with no strings attached. 

Imagine the convenience of having your daily horoscope delivered each day without remembering to search for it somewhere.

Why Choose Mysticsense’s Best Psychics?

As the song goes, “The Times They Are A-Changin,” and Mysticsense is proof. 

Once upon a time, there were only a few sites that had the best psychics and the best deals. Now there’s a new kid on the block with some of the best psychics and the lowest everyday prices. 

If you want a progressive alternative to the established psychic scene, give Mysticsense a shot. We predict it’ll work out. 

<< Get 5 minutes FREE >> 

11. Purple Tides - Best for Guidance From Multiple Psychics



  • Only $5 per reading
  • Highly screened psychics
  • 5 psychic perspectives at once
  • Free downloadable app
  • Readings 24/7 


  • Videos are pre-recorded 

Imagine having a reading from 5 psychics at once so you can get the broadest possible psychic outlook on your problem. Well, you can at Purple Tides. 



Simply submit a question in writing to the site regarding any subject you wish. 

After that, it’ll be given to 5 top psychics to get their expert opinions on the matter. 

Purple Tides guarantees you’ll receive all 5 psychic answers within 24 hours or your money back. 

Once you receive your answers, you can review them whenever you have time and pick the ones that make the most sense. It’s like being a king or a princess in a fairy tale and having your private panel of wizards and witches to advise you on what to do.  


The only deal on Purple Tides is that you hear from 5 top psychics for just $5 per question. That’s like getting the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the services of the leprechaun in one neat package. 

Why Choose Purple Tide’s Best Psychics?

All you need on Purple Tides is a question and $5. No searching psychics, no worrying about the clock running at X dollars per minute, simply submit your question, and 5 top psychics will explain the rest.

>>Get advice from multiple psychics at once

What Are Psychics? 

Psychics are individuals who have one or more extrasensory abilities that go beyond the five normal human senses.

While all humans are believed to possess some form of intuition, those who are consciously psychic can direct their unique abilities to accomplish specific ends. 
For example, the best psychics can use their abilities to counsel and heal others or even find missing persons or objects.

Some common types of extrasensory abilities include: 

  • Clairvoyance, or having visions or seeing spirits.
  • Clairaudience, or hearing the spirit world.
  • Clairsentience, or sensing subtle beings and other dimensions.

Are Psychics Real? 

Yes, psychics are real.

However, unless you’ve witnessed or experienced a psychic phenomenon yourself, you might be inclined to doubt that it’s possible.    

The reason for this is because of how the majority of people in civilized society have been socialized and educated. 

Even when witnessing a psychic event, many will refuse to accept it because they can’t understand how something could be possible beyond what they’ve been taught.

Therefore, the healthiest way to look at a psychic experience would probably be to think of it as an opening of your mind rather than any sort of evil or threatening anomaly.

>>Get $10 OFF your first purchase << 

How To Choose the Best Online Psychics 

You don’t have to be psychic to choose the best online psychics from the cattle calls on most sites. 

There’s a method to figuring out the best online psychics, and we will show you some essential tips to keep in mind. 

  • Read the profiles and check the customer reviews. You can’t hide anything from the best online psychics, and the best psychics won’t hide anything from their customers. 
  • Trust your intuition. The best online psychics bring different things to each customer. Some of the best psychics may not be right for you; if you’re connecting with someone, that reader is probably the right one for you. 
  • Take advantage of any free minutes deals. You often can’t determine the best psychics until you’re actually in a session. Something like Kasamba’s Best Match Guarantee is a perfect way to get a quick sense of the best psychics before you commit.
  • The best psychics never ask a lot of questions. In our experience, the best online psychics usually start telling you stuff right off the bat without needing to fish for clues. 

Best Psychics Online - FAQs

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you navigate the world of psychics and find the most reputable and skilled practitioners. 

Who Are the Best Psychics?  

The best psychics are the readers who have a direct connection to what makes you tick.

Sometimes the best psychics will give you the feeling that you’ve met them before because they seem to know your inner workings so well. 

The best psychics will also need relatively little info from you to sense what’s happening in your life. 

They will also have an evolved objectivity that will likely introduce a new perspective to your unique situation. 

In short, the best psychics don’t just see your life in terms of outside circumstances but also from inside your deepest concerns about what you’d like to be. 

Where To Find the Best Psychics for Free? 

The top places to find the best psychics for free are usually the larger and more well-established psychic sites.

These sites are successful because they understand the most effective way to promote the best online psychics is to make them available for a short time at a discount. 

This usually comes in the form of various free minutes deals so that new customers can try out a reader’s services on a limited basis. 

The best online psychics will usually give their best efforts during these promotions to motivate the customer to sign up for a more in-depth, paid reading.

How Can I Prepare for an Online Psychic Reading? 

Here are some tips to keep in mind before getting a reading with the best online psychics. 

  • Prepare the questions you want to ask ahead of time. You don’t want to waste valuable minutes thinking about what to ask. 
  • Take some time to relax beforehand. Deep breathing exercises or light meditation would be excellent. 
  • Pick a quiet space. Make sure your room will be private and quiet for the duration of the reading.
  • Either set up a recording device or have a pad and pencil ready to take notes. What the best psychics say may often not make sense during the reading. Having a record will let you review what was said afterward. 

Can I Get Genuine Advice From Online Psychics? 

Yes, you can get genuine advice from the best online psychics. 
That’s because the best psychics are often a cross between a visionary Mystic who can see beyond the material world and a therapist who helps us deal with our emotions practically. 

Wrapping Up

In our quest to uncover the best psychics, we encountered a variety of options. However, Purple Garden emerged as the crown jewel of our review, earning the coveted top spot. 

With its extensive network of gifted psychics, Spanish and English speakers, and user-friendly interface, Purple Garden provides a reliable and enriching psychic reading experience. 

However, the competition was fierce, and we encountered other notable platforms that can also help you explore your spiritual path. 

Whether you're seeking guidance, clarity, or a deeper connection with the unknown, these psychic reading platforms offer a diverse array of talented professionals ready to assist you on your journey.


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