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My poem is about how the Earth is suffering because of how humans misuse its resources and shows how the Earth might feel because of this.

Oh a grand Earth was I...

Oh a grand Earth was I

On which all creatures relied

But now I am upon ruins because of a deed

I am upon ruins because of human greed

My creatures now have started to disappear

And I have a fear that the end is near

Oh how humans they ignore

The fact that I can't take anymore

The heat of the sun gets stronger every day

Maybe I'm not here to stay

My creatures are sick because of dirty seas

And many more are hurt as humans drill holes in me

Humans are drilling into my soul

Soon after nothing remain but a hole

I might be close to my death

Soon I'll breath my very last breath

(Ifrah Khalid is a student at Arab International Academy, Doha, Qatar)