Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

‘Cow Urine Eliminates Lung Infections Caused Due To Covid’: BJP MP Pragya Thakur

‘I drink cow urine everyday, that’s why I do not have Covid-19. Cow urine is a life-saver,’ BJP MP Pragya Thakur said

BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur PTI

BJP MP Pragya Thakur has recently joined the long list of politicians, who have prescribed bizarre homemade remedies to treat Covid-19.

In a video widely shared on Twitter, Thakur can be heard saying that consumption of cow urine on a regular basis can protect one from contracting coronavirus.

"If we consume desi gau mutra (urine from indigenous cows) every day, then we can cure our lung infections caused due to Covid. I am in constant pain but I drink cow urine daily. So now, I don't have to take any medicine against corona and I don't have corona. Cow urine is a life-saver," Pragya Thakur can heard telling a party gathering in the video.

Indian national youth Congress chief BV Srinivas shared Thakur’s video on Twitter and he tagged Union health minister Harsh Vardhan asking the latter, “Sir, is this true?”

Thakur is the not first politician to prescribe cow urine to treat coronavirus.

According to reports, Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Surendra Singh had made a similar statement, a few weeks back, when he said that cow urine had safeguarded him from the virus.

Earlier, BJP leader Yudhvir Sethi had claimed that “havan yagya can eliminate Covid-19”. He had urged everyone to adopt a “Vedic lifestyle” to protect themselves from the virus.

“According to the Vedas, saints used to perform Havan Yagyas to purify the environment by sublimating the Havan Samagri in fire. People should take a cue from the rich heritage of our country and should take refuge under the realms of Vedas to overcome diseases like Covid-19,” Sethi had said.

These developments come amid many doctors including those associated with the Indian Medical Association stating that there is no scientific evidence to prove cow dung or urine treats Covid-19.