Card Skimming In Bali: Here's How Tourists Can Avoid It

Card skimming, a prevalent form of cybercrime, involves the unauthorised capture of card information from ATMs, posing a significant threat to individuals' financial security worldwide

There have been many cases of card skimming in Bali recently Photo: Shutterstock

Tourists in Bali are urged to exclusively utilise authorised ATMs for cash withdrawals due to a recent scam involving card skimming devices. According to local media reports, a 35-year-old Ukrainian woman was deported and fined IDR 100,000,000 (INR 518.75) after being found guilty of tampering with ATMs in 2022.

She served a two-year sentence at the Kerobokan Women's Correctional Institution before being flown to Warsaw and banned from returning to Indonesia. The authorities have instructed tourists to use approved machines, preferably within bank premises, to mitigate the risk of tampering, reports stated.