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Sustanon For Sale: 3 Brands, Best Place To Buy Sustanon Online

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Sustanon For Sale: 3 Brands, Best Place To Buy Sustanon Online

Sustanon is a synthetic injectable anabolic steroid primarily used to treat low testosterone levels and all the associated health effects in hypogonadal men. 

Sustanon For Sale
Sustanon For Sale

Before You Buy Sustanon Online

Are you looking to purchase Sustanon for the associated health and bodybuilding benefits? But maybe you’re not sure what brand to pick. After all, there are so many options on the market that it can be nearly impossible to go for the right one. 

If so, don’t worry because we have you covered. Today’s article covers everything you need to know about Sustanon––what it is, how it works, where it comes from, how to use it, and what three brands to consider. 

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Now that we have this out of the way, let’s explore what Sustanon is, its benefits, and how to purchase it online.

What is Sustanon?

Sustanon is a synthetic injectable anabolic steroid primarily used to treat low testosterone levels and all the associated health effects in hypogonadal men. 

Unlike some testosterone products, such as testosterone enanthate or cypionate, Sustanon is an ester mix. Instead of a single testosterone form, it includes four testosterone esters: propionate, isocaproate, phenylpropionate, and decanoate.

Depending on the dosing of the four esters per milliliter, Sustanon can be branded in different ways. For example, the Pharma Sust 300 Pharmacom is called that way because it includes the following per ml:

●    Propionate - 36 mg
●    Phenylpropionate: 72 mg
●    Isocaproate - 72 mg
●    Decanoate - 120 mg

Add these up, and you get 300 mg of active substance concentration per milliliter. 

There is also Sustanon 250, 400, 500, and even 750. Of course, the dosage and branding vary between manufacturers, but you get the idea. A higher number means a greater concentration of the active esters per milliliter and a more potent effect.

Of the esters, propionate is the fastest-acting one. It causes a peak increase in testosterone levels within hours and is fully metabolized within a few days. In contrast, decanoate is the slowest-acting one, slower even than testosterone enanthate. Your body might need over two weeks to metabolize the compound fully.

Thanks to decanoate, people can inject Sustanon less frequently––as rarely as once every two to three weeks, according to medical experts.

Sustanon In Bodybuilding

As discussed above, Sustanon contains four testosterone esters, each working at a unique rate in the body. Because of that, the compound is highly desired by bodybuilders thanks to its ability to deliver near-immediate benefits and sustain testosterone concentrations over a more extended period.

What Makes Sustanon Good For Muscle Growth?

Given that Sustanon is a mixture of four testosterone esters, the first muscle-building benefit is obvious: 

Regular injections increase testosterone concentrations and keep them elevated. Higher testosterone levels contribute to better fitness outcomes: more muscle and strength; less fat, especially around the midsection.

Second, Sustanon provides short- and long-term benefits. Unlike slower-acting esters, Sustanon delivers some immediate benefits thanks to the fast-acting propionate, but it also maintains higher test concentrations thanks to decanoate.

Additionally, there are many anecdotal reports from men taking Sustanon and claiming that it makes them feel great. Even small doses boost well-being, energy levels, confidence, sex drive, motivation, etc.

History of Sustanon

To understand Sustanon’s origins, we must first briefly examine testosterone and its origin. Testosterone was first isolated in 1935 and was approved for medicinal use in 1939. 

Injectable testosterone became the go-to form because it reliably increased testosterone concentrations. Exogenous testosterone administration was primarily used as a treatment for hypogonadism. It also picked up speed among athletes and bodybuilders looking to maximize their training adaptations.

Sustanon was developed in the 1970s by Organon, and it is speculated that its name comes from the company’s name:

Sustanon = sustainable + Organon

The testosterone mix was developed to offer an advantage for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) over the existing esters at the time.

How to Find The Best Places to Buy Sustanon - What to Look For?

Purchasing steroids online isn’t that different from other products, but there are several precautions we recommend:

1. Look at the design

The product and website design aren’t the most important things to consider, but they are essential. Good design suggests that the company is serious and invests money into the business. Bad design is, well, bad.

2. Ask for some real product photos

You might be unaware, but you can ask for a real product photo. For added safety, you can ask them to put the product on a piece of paper before taking the photo.

Doing so is beneficial for getting a good look at the product instead of just relying on the photos on the website.

3. Ask for proof of delivery

Screenshots of successful deliveries don’t always mean the business is legit, but they can help.

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Best Brands of Sustanon for Sale - The Top 3 Reviewed

Buy Pharma Sust 300 Pharmacom Online - A Premium Brand 

Pharma Sust 300 Pharmacom

Last but not least, we have Pharmacom––one of the biggest anabolic steroid brands today. One thing that sets the company apart from many competitors is that each product produced is at least 98.5 percent pure, which ensures that there are virtually no additional compounds. What you see on the label is what you get. 

Speaking of the label, Pharmacom is a brand that prides itself on its reliable anti-counterfeit system that protects the customer base from potential fakes. Each label comes with a hologram sticker, and the logo is embedded in several places, making it nearly impossible to replicate by fraudsters. 

You also get a unique code with each product, which you can check on their official website.

One difference between the testosterone mix by Pharmacom and the other two products on our list is this one is 300 instead of the traditional 250. Meaning, the active substance concentration is 300 mg per ml: 

●    Propionate - 36 mg/ml
●    Phenylpropionate - 72 mg/ml
●    Isocaproate - 72 mg/ml
●    Decanoate - 120 mg/ml

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Sustanon 250 Magnus For Sale - A Great Deal  

Sustanon 250 Magnus

Magnus Pharmaceuticals is another reputable steroid brand. Along with the other companies on our list, Magnus is a leader in synthetic drug production. The company uses high-quality ingredients, and its facilities cover the highest standards in the manufacturing business. 

Sustanon by Magnus is available for $45, with each package containing a 10 ml vial. The active substance is 250 mg per ml, which is the same as what you get from ZPHC.

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ZPHC Testosterone Mix For Sale - A Great Brand 

ZPHC Testosterone Mix For Sale

ZPHC is a brand known for delivering legal, pure, and effective steroids to customers in the US and worldwide. The brand is known for its rich selection of products, many of which are pretty affordable. 

No matter what you need, ZPHC can provide a variety of compounds, including those that support fat loss, muscle growth, and general well-being.

You can get a testosterone mix by ZPHC for $50. Each package contains 10 ml, and the active substance per ml is 250 mg.

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Sustanon Cycle for Bodybuilding

Is Sustanon Even Necessary in a Steroid Cycle?

As a mixture of several testosterone esters, Sustanon is a fantastic addition to steroid cycles because it provides immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Adding testosterone to steroid cycles is beneficial for increasing the overall anabolic effect, as well as maintaining good health and well-being. For example, testosterone provides an androgenic base to match the anabolic index of more potent compounds. 

One potent compound is Anavar. It has a high anabolic and low androgenic index (322 - 630 anabolic rating), which means it is three to six times more anabolic than testosterone but lacks the necessary androgenic properties. 

So, by pairing Anavar and other potent steroids with testosterone, you can maintain high levels of the hormones despite the temporary suppression of natural production. As a result, you are more likely to feel better from day to day and maintain a healthy sexual drive.

Plus, testosterone could synergize with other compounds the athlete is taking, potentially resulting in a more effective cycle.

How Sustanon Influences Well-Being

Fast-acting esters like Propionate increase testosterone concentrations soon after administration, but the decline is often just as rapid. Because of that, more frequent injections are necessary for maintaining healthy levels of the hormone.

Otherwise, people are more likely to experience mood swings, highly variable sexual drive, and other adverse effects. Fluctuating testosterone levels can also impact a person’s bodybuilding outcomes. 

Unfortunately, frequent injecting is not ideal, largely because it isn’t pleasant, and some compounds cause local discomfort. 

Sustanon includes Propionate but also slower-acting esters that maintain testosterone levels for longer. As such, the risk of hormone fluctuations is smaller, and you’re more likely to feel better from day to day.

Plus, thanks to the slow-acting compounds in Sustanon, frequent administration is not necessary. According to some sources, one ml can sustain testosterone levels for up to three weeks in hypogonadal men. Of course, bodybuilders would benefit from more frequent injections, especially if they also take other anabolic compounds.

In any case, it’s best to experiment with various administration schedules to see what makes you feel good. You can keep a small health journal and write down things like:

●    How stable your mood is
●    How confident you feel
●    How productive you are
●    Your cognition and sense of well-being

Of course, these are mostly subjective factors, but it never hurts to keep a log and keep track of certain things.

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Stacking Sustanon - Best Compounds to Stack With Sustanon 


Because of its slow and fast-acting testosterone esters, Sustanon is an excellent compound to use as an androgenic base in a steroid cycle. The product would help you maintain healthy test levels and potentially have a synergistic effect with more potent compounds.

Here is a great intermediate-level cutting cycle consisting of Sustanon and Anavar:

●    Week 1: 200 mg Sustanon/week, 20 mg Anavar/day
●    Weeks 2-5: 400 mg Sustanon/week, 20 mg Anavar/day
●    Weeks 6-8: 500 mg Sustanon/week, 20 mg Anavar/day
●    Weeks 9-10: 250 mg Sustanon/week

Now, here is a more advanced cycle consisting of Sustanon and Deca:

●    Weeks 1-10: 600 mg Sustanon/week, 300 mg Deca/week

Here is a similar advanced cycle, but consisting of Sustanon and Trenbolone:

●    Weeks 1-10: 600 mg Sustanon/week, 150 mg Tren/week

PCT After Sustanon

PCT, also known as a post-cycle therapy, is a type of treatment performed following a steroid cycle to improve natural testosterone production. 

Most experts recommend beginning your PCT around one week after your last injection, but the specific time can vary depending on the compounds used. In the case of Sustanon, PCT could start up to four weeks after the last administration because it takes longer for the compound to be cleared up. 

Clomid, a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), is often used as part of PCT, thanks to its ability to stimulate sex hormone production in hypogonadal men. 

The recommended dosage for a PCT is 50 mg daily for two weeks and 25 mg daily for the next two weeks. Depending on the cycle, therapy can last for up to six weeks.

Nolvadex, another selective estrogen receptor modulator, is also often recommended as treatment during a PCT. It stimulates sex hormone production and can block certain estrogen functions. 

Initial doses are 40 mg per day for the first two weeks and 20 mg daily for weeks three and four.

Sustanon Side Effects

Common side effects of Sustanon injections include:
●    Acne
●    Hair loss
●    Prostate enlargement

These unfavorable outcomes result from testosterone’s androgen functions (the development of male characteristics). 

An effective way to minimize these issues is to take a DHT blocker, such as finasteride. Such medications reduce the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Several other potential side effects include:

●    Water retention
●    HDL and LDL cholesterol issues
●    High blood pressure
●    Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement; manboobs)

Taking aromatase inhibitors is an effective way to control estrogen levels. Such medications reduce the function of the aromatase enzyme, which otherwise converts androgen hormones into estrogens.

A rare but potentially troublesome side effect is a thickening of the blood. You can minimize the risk by drinking plenty of water throughout the day (up to 3.7 liters for men or 2.7 liters for women) and taking cardiomagnyl (Aspirin). 

Final Words on Buying Sustanon Online 


Unlike many shady supplements, ‘revolutionary’ diets, and workout routines designed to help you get shredded abs, steroids work and have proven themselves countless times.

Countless bodybuilders, professional athletes, celebrities, and gym-goers have used Sustanon and other compounds to achieve incredible body transformations.

If you’re looking for similar results, Sustanon can be a great compound. Like other drugs, there are risks, but you can take multiple steps to minimize them and stay healthy.

Despite the popularity of many brands, we stand behind two: Pharmacom and Magnus. The Sustanon these companies offer is of excellent quality, free of other compounds, and with enough active compounds in every milliliter––all at an affordable price.

The best place to purchase Sustanon is MisterOlympia.Shop.

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