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Kasamba Review 2024: Is The Online Psychic Reading Platform Worth The Hype?

Is Kasamba worth your time and money? Read our unbiased and detailed Kasamba review to know why Kasamba continues to be one of the leading psychic services.


Kasamba Review

Have you been experiencing a sense of stagnation for a while and feel like it's time for a change?

Consulting with a psychic may have crossed your mind, primarily if you've heard of people who have benefited from their services.

However, internet scams are prevalent, and you must be cautious to ensure you don't get caught in one. 

Choosing a trusted psychic provider like Kasamba is essential. They boast of having the best psychics online and over 20 years of experience.

If you're wondering if this is just a marketing strategy or if the Kasamba psychics are genuinely skilled, discover the truth about Kasamba in this honest Kasamba review.

A Quick Look At Kasamba.com

What We Like

  • Love psychic readings experts 

  • Secure payment methods 

  • More than 20 years of experience

  • The articles section has a wealth of information

  • On-the-go psychic readings available through the Kasamba app

  • Wide range of psychic readings available

What We Don’t Like

  • Video readings are not available

  • Discounts are available only for new customers

  • Takes 24 hours to get a response via email

Deals Available

  • 3 free chat minutes for new customers

  • 50% off your first session

  • Unsatisfied customers can receive a refund up to $50 

Bottom Line: Best Site for Love Readings

Over the past two decades, this platform has established itself as a formidable presence in the psychic industry.

We appreciate that they have a Best Match Guarantee, which offers free psychic reading minutes to ensure you connect with the right psychic.

Furthermore, they have a vast selection of psychic readings available, making it a great online psychic network for anyone searching for spiritual guidance.

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Kasamba Review: Crucial Things To Know About Kasamba

Before delving into Kasamba reviews, it's essential to be aware of several key aspects of this site, which include:


Kasamba Review

Kasamba Offers a Best Match Deal

The Best Match Guarantee offered by the website lets you enjoy three free chat minutes with every new Kasamba psychic reader you give a try. However, aren’t three minutes only sufficient to ask a brief question and receive a partial answer?

Consider this perspective. Top-tier online psychics can precisely perceive what you require in under three minutes. 

With this assurance, you can explore without charge until you discover the ideal Kasamba psychic counselor capable of fulfilling your needs.

There’s a Satisfaction Guarantee

Kasamba offers a $50 satisfaction guarantee, the most substantial among other psychic reading sites. 


However, one might wonder if this offer has any hidden conditions. The answer is both yes and no.

Submitting your complaint within 7 days is important to ensure a satisfactory resolution. The company may reimburse you fully or partially, but please note that they cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of psychic sessions.

However, note that this guarantee is nearly twice as much as other online psychic networks offer. Therefore, even if you receive a partial refund, you are still better protected than other platforms.

Safe Payment Options 

You must provide your credit card details or deposit funds through PayPal to communicate with the advisors. 

Rest assured that all payments made are safe and fully confidential, and your personal information will not be disclosed to any external party.

It's important to remember that when using your credit card, you need to click the "Hang Up" button to end the session. 

Make sure you click "Hang Up" to avoid any unnecessary charges. Simply closing the app won't stop the charges from accumulating.

You Can Rate the Psychic Advisors 

Kasamba offers its customers the opportunity to rate their psychic readers after each session. This is done by providing an option to give a star rating or provide more detailed feedback.


However, the website has the authority to remove any negative comment deemed inappropriate or irrelevant to the session.

Before you start shouting "corporate censorship," simply ensure that your comment is appropriate and concise, and you will be free to express your grievances as much as you want.

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Kasamba Review: What You Need To Know

To provide a comprehensive Kasamba review, it's important to cover all aspects of the site. Thus, let's dive into the details of this psychic platform.

What Is Kasamba?

Kasamba has been a leading provider of psychic readings for more than 20 years.

This experienced company provides the services of expert online psychic advisors who can help you navigate the intricacies of real-life problems with precise readings.


How to Sign Up And Get Started

Kasamba has a lot to offer when it comes to psychic readings.

Select the profile that suits your preferences from the menu page, and in just a matter of seconds, you can browse through a vast collection of authentic psychic advisors.

The website provides a Best Match Assurance for customers seeking advice from multiple online psychics.

You will receive a free 3-minute session to explore multiple psychic advisors and determine which best aligns with your preferences.

Select a reader and click the Let's Chat button to get started. This will take you through the registration process, where you can create a unique username and password and select your preferred payment method.


Browsing Kasamba Psychics for Your First Reading

Although there are hundreds of Kasamba psychics, each has a unique profile. This page contains information about their natural psychic abilities and the kinds of readings they offer.

Furthermore, the website includes detailed sections showcasing their online psychics' experience and professional achievements.

We particularly enjoy browsing through the customer reviews section dedicated to psychics. The reviews are updated in real-time, which allows us to gauge their current performance in live readings.

What Happens During a Kasamba Psychic Reading Session?

After choosing a Kasamba psychic and registering for an account, you'll be all set to begin your session.


Highly skilled psychics can deliver their message quickly and clearly. 

In a general Kasamba psychic reading, a client's question typically serves as the starting point. From there, the psychic advisor proceeds to offer guidance.

Do Kasamba Psychics Use Physical Tools, Natural Abilities, or Both?

An online psychic advisor must have genuine psychic abilities, regardless of whether one uses a tool or relies solely on their natural skills.

Kasamba offers various psychic readings, such as astrology, tarot, or aura readings. 

Each of these readings demands psychic abilities to provide accurate answers to clients.

An aura reading session is the only one that does not require any tool. 


Kasamba psychics typically combine their inherent psychic abilities with various tools to provide the most pertinent answer to your question.

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Types of Accurate Kasamba Psychic Readings

Kasamba offers the most comprehensive psychic readings among all the other online psychic reading services available.

They provide the following types of readings;

Love and Relationship Readings

Kasamba is famous for its exceptional love psychic readings.

The platform's psychic advisors are ready to help you find what you're looking for, whether a new relationship, recovering from a breakup, finding your soulmate, or receiving LGBTQ support.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot readings and card readers have gained massive popularity because tarot cards are globally recognized among the most famous divination methods. 


Choosing to use this platform for a Tarot card reading is a smart move. The platform boasts over 200 tarot deck specialists.

Kasamba offers both quick and detailed Tarot card readings to meet your needs.

Dream Analysis

Psychic and spiritual advisors unanimously believe that the dream world and the psychic realm are the same.

Our dreams contain symbolic messages that reveal the existence of the spiritual realm beyond our conscious understanding.

We can tap into our inner wisdom by interpreting these symbols in our dreams and better understand ourselves.

If you've been experiencing peculiar or repetitive dreams lately, consider contacting Kasamba psychics specializing in dream analysis. 


Your subconscious may be attempting to communicate something to you.

Astrology Readings

Astrology has been widely recognized for its ability to link planetary movements with events on Earth and make predictions about the future.

Kasamba astrology is an excellent option if you are looking for divine guidance to change your life's direction.

Astrology readings can be accessed round the clock, irrespective of your inclination towards Chinese, Western, or Vedic Astrology.

Career Forecasts

Are you dissatisfied with your current job but need help identifying your next career move? Has your ambition for a thriving career lost its clarity?

Kasamba is a platform with a team of close to 200 astrologers, tarot readers, and palm readers who can guide your professional journey.


Kasamba's career forecasts can help if you face professional challenges and need guidance to find your direction.

Fortune Telling

If you are feeling pessimistic about what the future holds for you, it may be helpful to consult with a fortune-telling specialist on Kasamba.

Kasamba has a team of skilled psychics proficient in predicting the future with exceptional vision and perceptive intuition.

Crystal Readings

A crystal ball is one of the most popular symbols associated with a psychic.

In ancient times, it was believed that scrying had the power to help people connect with the spirits and elements of the Earth, providing them with valuable insights.


Kasamba offers a team of over 40 experts in the traditional practice of crystal gazing who can provide you with accurate observations of what they see through the glass.

Pet Psychics

It's natural to have a special affection for our furry family members, but have you ever wondered what your beloved pets or other animals residing in your home are thinking?

If you're unsure what motivates your dear pet, Kasamba's reliable pet psychics can offer valuable insight into its inner thoughts.

Kasamba’s Online Psychic Service: Communication Methods

Once you choose a psychic, you can receive psychic readings through chat, email, or phone.


Phone readings have gained popularity as a convenient option. For those who dislike typing, phone readings may be a preferable choice.

Email readings may take up to 24 hours for a response, making them the slowest option.

What Are Kasamba’s Psychics Rates?

The cost of a spiritual reading can differ significantly, ranging from $1.99 per minute to $30 per minute or even more.

To find cheap psychics on Kasamba, search for them based on their pricing if you're trying to stick to a tight budget.

A filter at the top right corner of the page enables you to select a psychic based on various factors, such as the price range for your reading options.


Kasamba Review: Deals on Kasamba

The Best Match Guarantee allows you to try out multiple Kasamba psychics for three free minutes each, allowing you to find the perfect fit before committing to a paid reading.

If you choose to have a paid reading, the first three minutes of your initial phone reading will also be free.

And the best part?

This online psychic reading service offers an incredible 50% discount on your first session , providing exceptional value for your money.

Kasamba Reviews: Fortune Tellers, Best Psychics & Clairvoyants

The key to a satisfying online psychic reading experience is not just about discovering the best psychic reader out there.


Instead, it's more about locating a psychic reader online who resonates with you on a personal level and with whom you can establish a good rapport.

Before making a final decision, it's advisable to conduct thorough research. There are several Kasamba psychics who we believe possess exceptional abilities.

PsychicHermes is a psychic advisor held in high esteem and appreciated by many based on multiple Kasamba reviews.

This particular psychic is known for providing excellent psychic readings in romantic matters. The fact that the reader has received over 22,000 positive Kasamba reviews is a testament to their proficiency in this field.


He aims to help people of all age groups find and build romantic relationships with other single individuals.

However, if you're worried about your spiritual wellness, it's best to talk to Immense Spark n Aura for guidance and support based on several Kasamba reviews.

Immense Spark n Aura , a clairvoyant with a multi-generational background, aids in establishing a connection with your higher self using techniques like Tarot and Astrology.

She has been rated with a 5-star score on over 15,000 Kasamba customer reviews.

Kasamba Review: What Are Real Customers Saying?

Kasamba reviews highlight the significance of discovering a psychic with whom you can establish a sincere connection. 


Kasamba Reviews

This particular customer found an ideal match who could impart knowledge without being too inquisitive. According to the reviewer, the psychic's perceptiveness helped him surmount challenging situations

Kasamba Reviews

This is an example of a scenario where the psychic and the customer are a perfect match. The client can observe his spiritual growth with the psychic's assistance. 

Additionally, the customer expresses feeling “very peaceful” after the psychic's recommendations.

Kasamba Reviews

Sometimes, a psychic reading cannot be explained logically, leaving you stunned and in awe. It's true, the unexplainable can happen, and it's quite an experience to behold. According to this Kasamba review, the psychics here are “pretty consistent and understanding.”


Kasamba Reviews

According to some Kasamba reviews like this one, trying out multiple psychics on the platform is vital to understand what it has to offer fully. 

Like many who leave Kasamba reviews, this reviewer suggests that the Kasamba psychics are reliable and have a good track record of accurate predictions.

Kasamba Reviews

This Kasamba review clearly demonstrates the importance of choosing the right psychic advisor.

It's important to note that if the psychic starts to go off-topic and deviate from the reading, it's best to end the session and consider consulting with other psychics. 

This is a common occurrence with newly appointed advisors who are in the process of developing their skills.


Seek assistance from experienced Kasamba advisors for precise readings.

Kasamba Review: What Alternatives to Kasamba.com Are Available?

You might be curious about alternatives to Kasamba. Indeed, other psychic platforms compete with Kasamba. They include:

1. Purple Garden : Best for Tarot Card Readings

Purple Garden

Purple Garden has a long-standing history of offering online psychic services.

The platform is distinguished from its competitors due to its highly accurate and insightful Tarot readings that have gained recognition across the internet.

Additionally, on your initial purchase, you will receive a discount of up to $10.

2. Psychic Source : Best Mediumship Readings 


Psychic Source

Psychic Source is an online platform that has been providing some of the best psychic readings for over three decades, making it the most experienced and long-standing site in this field.

A well-established psychic reading enterprise would offer a diverse selection of readings and enticing free-minute deals to capture the attention of prospective clients. 

Psychic Source exceeds those expectations by providing all of that and much more.

However, most individuals visit the psychic platform primarily due to its excellent psychic mediums.

Psychic Source is a perfect choice if you're seeking assistance from psychics who can facilitate communication with departed loved ones.


3. Keen : Best Spiritual Advisors


Keen psychics are experts in providing spiritual guidance and life readings.

Keen's spiritual guides have the potential to guide you to the peak of your search for purpose.

Furthermore, they offer an exclusive offer that enables you to get 3 FREE minutes plus 10 minutes for merely $1.99, which can assist you in initiating your expedition.

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Kasamba Reviews: FAQ

If you still have questions about Kasamba after reading this Kasamba review, please check the frequently asked questions section for more information

How Is Kasamba Different From Other Psychic Reading Services?

Kasamba is a unique online psychic network with some of the best psychics in the industry. The service stands out due to various factors. These include:

  • The most exceptional money-back guarantee of up to $50 

  • The broadest selection of online psychic readings available 

  • Enjoy a 50% discount on your first paid reading

  • Experience a new advisor for three minutes at no charge

  • Receive love and relationship guidance from the most talented psychics

What Should I Expect From an Online Psychic Reading at Kasamba?

Most Kasamba reviews reveal that when you receive a psychic reading from Kasamba, you can anticipate a professional and enlightening experience.

This website is easy to use and has a search bar that connects you to a vast selection of psychics. 

Additionally, they provide three free chat minutes, which allows you to test out multiple readers before choosing the one that suits you best.

At Kasamba, the screening process is rigorous, and only the most exceptional psychics get through. Therefore, you can trust that any reading you opt for will offer practical guidance on overcoming obstacles and living your best life.

What Is the Kasamba Mobile App?

The Kasamba app is a mobile software designed for smartphones and tablets. You can download it for free from the Google Play or App Store.

Through the app, you can access Kasamba's chat and phone psychic reading services from anywhere you have an internet connection.

The majority of users have given positive feedback regarding this app.

According to data from Google Play and App Store, this app has received an average rating of 4.6 stars based on 3.43 million and 10.9 million reviews, respectively.

How Is Customer Support on Kasamba?

Kasamba's customer assistance consists primarily of their service center and frequently asked questions section.

Kasamba can be contacted solely through email. However, the questions and answers provided on their platform cover various topics and are informative.

Their psychic reading services do not offer any human-staffed helpline or toll-free number to assist you in case of any issues.

Can I Request a Refund for Kasamba Readings?

You can request a refund for any part of the reading you have not used. However, to receive a refund, you must request within seven days.

To begin, navigate to the lower section of their website and select the Service Center option.

Navigate to the Knowledge Base section on the Service Center page by scrolling down from the FAQ heading.

For information on how clients can make payments, click on the Knowledge Base header to find the answers to your questions.

To request a refund, click on the designated section and scroll until you see the "How can I make a refund request?" option. From there, follow the instructions to fill out the reimbursement request form.

After submitting your refund request, the customer care team at Kasamba will review it and determine if you are eligible for a partial or full refund.

They have the authority to decline to provide you with a refund entirely.

This satisfaction guarantee only applies to the first reading and will cover up to $50.

What Payment Methods Does Kasamba Accept?

Kasamba allows customers to pay using their credit cards when depositing and after receiving a reading.

You can also add funds to your Kasamba account by utilizing the balance in your PayPal account.

Is Kasamba Legit? Kasamba Review Verdict 

Are you prepared to undergo a psychic reading with any of the talented individuals listed in this Kasamba review?

Kasamba has been in the industry for a long time, which has helped them refine their skills. Their website is impressive and illuminates the path of those seeking guidance. 

Their registration process is also easy and customer-friendly, and they offer great discounts on free minutes. They are reliable for people seeking precise psychic and tarot readings, as seen from the multiple Kasamba reviews.

We enjoy introducing our readers to new places where they can find great readings, as we did in our Kasamba review.

Try Kasamba and witness its enchanting effect firsthand.

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Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.