Netflix Canada: 10 Most Popular Movies To Watch Right Now

Explore the most popular movies on Netflix Canada right now. From heart-pounding action to hilarious comedies, these films are capturing audiences' attention. Get ready for an exciting movie marathon!


Popular movies on Netflix Canada

Living in Canada, if you are curious about what movies are currently captivating audiences on Netflix Canada, you do  not need to look  further. We've compiled a list of the ten most popular films that are making waves right now on Netflix Canada. From action-packed adventures to gripping thrillers, these movies are the ones everyone is talking about in the country. 
Get ready for a binge-watching session with these top picks!

1. Heart of Stone

Topping the charts is "Heart of Stone," an electrifying action movie that's capturing hearts and imaginations of audiences. The movie will take you on  a rollercoaster ride of suspense, intrigue, and pulse-pounding excitement.


2. The Lost City

"The Lost City," is a movie that takes you on a journey to uncover hidden treasures and unravel mysteries.  The characters of the movie will captivate you as they navigate uncharted territory and face unexpected challenges.

3. To Catch a Killer

For fans of crime dramas, "To Catch a Killer" offers a riveting experience. It dives into the world of suspense and investigation as determined individuals strive to bring justice to those who deserve it.

4. The Matrix Resurrections

Return to the iconic world of "The Matrix" with "The Matrix Resurrections." This highly anticipated sequel promises mind-bending visuals, philosophical questions, and the signature action that fans love.


5. Untold: Hall of Shame

The movie explores the darker side of sports history .This compelling documentary series highlights the shocking scandals that have left their mark on the sports world, providing a unique perspective on well-known stories.

6. Without a Paddle

Laugh out loud with "Without a Paddle," a hilarious adventure that follows a trio of friends on a wild journey. With a mix of comedy and unexpected situations, this film guarantees a good time.

7. Taking Lives

Taking Lives" is an intense thriller that investigates the mind of a serial killer. The twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end.

8. The Monkey King

"The Monkey King is about the ancient and fantastical worlds. Immerse yourself in a tale of magic, bravery, and epic battles that will transport you to a different time and place.

9. Don't Breathe 2

Suspense reaches new heights in "Don't Breathe 2." It is filled with heart-pounding moments and unexpected twists as the story unfolds.

10. Robin Hood

Conclude your movie marathon with "Robin Hood," a classic tale of heroism and justice. A legendary outlaw is on a quest to right wrongs and protect the innocent.

With these ten captivating movies, your entertainment options are sorted. Whether you're in the mood for action, adventure, suspense, or laughter, Netflix Canada has you covered. Grab your snacks and settle in for an unforgettable cinematic experience!