OT Travel Itinerary: Bangkok And More In Monsoon

Raining travel deals make Bangkok the best budget holiday destination, especially in the monsoons

The pretty scene does not, of course, prepare you for the mercurial urban jigsaw that Bangkok presents Photo: Shutterstock

Why do I have to do all the budget stories? I guess it's because I'm lean and mean. (We are not accepting sniggers at this moment.) The chief had been firm. Yes, I could have a nice time, but I'd better watch the wallet. I'd sniff out juicy travel deals for our dear readers, but never stoop so low as to suggest they (sniff) go backpacking. On my return I'd offer a reassuring parable for these troubled times, its message loud and clear that luxury travel (indeed, the luxury of travel) was alive and well, and, pleasantly, more affordable. The choice of destination was unanimous. I was off to Thailand - Bangkok and beyond, where I knew I'd get the most bang for my buck.