OT Travel Itinerary: How To Spend The Perfect 2 Days In Diu

Head to the perfect monsoon haven, Diu, and enjoy the season with the island’s endless offerings following our perfect 2-day itinerary to the place

The beautiful shoreline of Diu Photo: Unsplash

Nestled along the southern coast of Gujarat, Diu is a serene, secluded island with a rich heritage, picturesque landscapes, and a tranquil ambience that makes it an ideal monsoon destination. During the monsoon, Diu's typically arid terrain transforms into a lush green haven, offering a refreshing escape from the sweltering heat of summer. The rains bring a unique charm to the island, enhancing the beauty of its beaches, fortresses, and natural attractions. With fewer crowds and pleasant weather, Diu in the monsoon is perfect for a relaxed and rejuvenating getaway. Here's a comprehensive 2-day itinerary to explore this coastal gem.